A young girl has been outcast by her friends and family, she had lost everything and was called a freak by her own sister. She started to believe that she was a freak until a young boy taken her on a MAGICAL adventure!


1. Freak!!

Lily opened her palm to see a daisie growing! She started to smile but her sister, Petunia, began to panic

"I'm going to tell mum!" she shouted "You're a Freak!"

"FREAK! FREAK! FREAK!" Chanted Petunia's friends

Lily turned to walk away but she was surrounded by a circle of children all saying the same word over and over again

"FREAK! FREAK! FREAK!" they continued to chant. The more they chanted the more Lily believed she was!


She was already classed as an outsider. Her bright red hair made her a child of satan! Her grandmother already hated her before she was able to toddle because of her red locks. Children teased her and adults muttered to themselves whenever she passed them. But then when she was 11 she recieved a letter. 

It didn't come by post like normal. It was hand delivered! well... if you class a claw as a hand. She reieved a letter from a school, up in Scotland, a Private school you could say... The letter she received was from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Non of her family were wizards. They were normal!

"Just leave me be!" demanded Lily trying to wade her way through the bullies

"Why would we do that freak?" Asked a tall boy with platinum blond hair

"Let me through!" shouted Lily as she charged through the Human barricade.

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