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On the night (8th of April) John Canute raped her. She owed him money for a dogie phone she got. When she was walking back from school/college she was just  about enter the forest near Olivia's house. When she heard something behind her something jumped on her back. It was John. he was shouting 'YOUR LONELY YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS. YOUR ALWAYS ALONE AT SCHOOL.' he kept repeating that. He raped her. she was shouting he said if she didn't shut the hell up he would hurt her. She continued shouting. He grabbed his coat and in his pocket was a lighter he lite it and put it next to her face. he burnt her cheek she was screaming for her life. but know one heard. She it was too late he had his rope out and strangled her to death.. That night the rotting flesh smell was her Her name was Isabelle Hinoe, R.I.P. 


A few weeks later she was in her grave and some people from her school dug her grave up and chucked her rotted body in the big bins. and graffiti on them saying 'lonely b****'


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