2. :/

This was wrote by someone who cares for her friends....

Picks them when they are down.....

And acts like a true friend

She is year 8..

That night on the 8th of April 2011.... 

 Everybody asked where she was at school/college.. Only one person knew where she was... His name is John Canute. He is year 10..

She wasn't in for weeks. school try to get in touch with her parents but they were drunk every night  so they didn't help.  After 2 weeks they got the police involved. They searched the house.. Trying to look  for clues to where she might of gone.

They talked to school pupils. local people. neighbors. nothing.

A young girl named Olivia was walking threw the forest near by her house.

She smelt this horrible smell. like rotting flesh 


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