Love... When it was least expected

A girl named Lila and her friends, Emma and Lea, decide that they want to sign up for the school car wash. The fact is that only the seniors can get their cars washed and then the girls that wash them are the freshman. The freshman are then bided on for a week to stay at the senior's house who bid the most on them and do what they say. Theres more but you have to find out.. what will happen next? Betrayal, back stabbing, and more


6. Why?

Where there is desire

There is gonna be a flame

Where there is a flame

Someones bound to get burned



I think that I should ask Emma out... what would she say? 'm not like Harry! Which the curls get the girls. Ill wait untill class tomorrow when we are alone. Yeah, I'll do it then. I wonder who Lou likes? Me, Harry, Zayn, and Liam have told or shown, but he hasn't...



*Lunch bell rings*

I got up and started walking towards the door to my next class when I saw Lea. Now's my chance! I really like her... here she comes act cool *does an uncool pose* so uncool you idiot! "Hey Louis!" She says. "Hey Lea!" I respond. "I was wondering if you woul like to go to lunch tomorrow at Nando's?" "Sure I would love too! Where should we meet?" "Meet me at my car in the parking lot its section b spot 13." "Alright see you tommorow." She finished and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. AS soon as she let go I missed her touch. No girl I've ever dated has had that effect on me.



"OH MY GOD!! LOUIS JUST ASKED ME OUT!!" I screamed in fifth hour journalism I had with Lila, Emma, and even Meredith! We were al talking how we all have a guy falling for us or already dating us. "I'm not going to let Niall have me just like Harry got you and Louis got you. I want him to show me that he loves me and has fallen for me! not to get into my pants like steve did." Emma said. Steve is Emma's ex from eight grade he was only going out with her to get into her pants, she figured that out when he dumped her for not having sex with him. But we've all moved on now. i didn't even know that Emma liked Niall but then again we are best friends and we judge eachother's decisions,



Okay, so I had a snow day today and I have another tomorrow so i haope to post 2-3 chapters this weekend but i also have to write a short story for English class so i don't really know when I will. And thanks for reading


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