Love... When it was least expected

A girl named Lila and her friends, Emma and Lea, decide that they want to sign up for the school car wash. The fact is that only the seniors can get their cars washed and then the girls that wash them are the freshman. The freshman are then bided on for a week to stay at the senior's house who bid the most on them and do what they say. Theres more but you have to find out.. what will happen next? Betrayal, back stabbing, and more


15. Time Part 5


Once Emma and I got back to my house we ate, then died of laughter watching Pitch Perfect. What's up with these Americans? They make the funniest movies ever!

"Niall?" Em spoke up once the movie was over, she was laying on my lap so she had to look up at me.

"Yeah?" I said stroking her hair and staring into her ice blue eyes.

"Can I spend the night? I'm too lazy to go back home..." she laughed.

"Sure... lets clean up and head up to bed." I said standing up.

"Niall... carry me?" she said sticking her arms into the air.

"haha one sec let me throw this away," I said, then came back and carried my princess upstairs.

"Thank you Nialler!" she said sitting up on the matress.

"Anything for my princess,"

I got into bed after changing and giving Emma clothes to change into... Dang she looks amazing in my clothe.s. She llayed next to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled her head into my neck. I wrapped my arms around her body and plled her closer.

"Night Niall," she whispered

"Night Em." I whispered back.

The perfect end to the perfect night.


<<A/N NOTE>>

Time is finally finished! ~V


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