Love... When it was least expected

A girl named Lila and her friends, Emma and Lea, decide that they want to sign up for the school car wash. The fact is that only the seniors can get their cars washed and then the girls that wash them are the freshman. The freshman are then bided on for a week to stay at the senior's house who bid the most on them and do what they say. Theres more but you have to find out.. what will happen next? Betrayal, back stabbing, and more


13. Time Part 3


We had just sat down in the theatre when the movie began. We laughed and I even shed a tear at some points. We saw Marly and ME. That movie just is so sad. Afterwards we walked around in the park it was only 8 pm and the sun was setting. We walked and we came to the feild of flowers when I turned to Lila and kissed right then and there.


HARRY KISSED ME!! EEK! MY FIRST KISS!! I menatlly screamed and then he kissed me again once he took me home. I was getting ready for bed, well to go and lay in my bed for about an hour on IG, when my phone screen lit up as I walked out of the bathroom. It read "Harry is Da Best <3" this is why he can't be trusted to put his name into phones.

<Harry> I miss you already beautiful!

<Me> How? I saw you less than five minutes ago

<Harry> I know...

<Me> Want to come spend the night?

<Harry> Can I?

<Me> If you do bring food I'm hungry!

<Harry> lol ok. Be over in ten

<Me> Can't wait

I put my phone down and got up to go into the bathroom.

"Whoa need to do some work!" I said staring at my mini afro.

I ran a brush through my hair and pulled it into a messy bun. As soon as i walked downstairs there was a knock. I peeked through the peep hole to see a mess of curls, I opened the door to see Harry with a handful of food and movies.

"Come on! Lets go upstairs!" I said as my eyes widened at the amount of food he bought.

"Haha ok."

We walked into my room and heset all the food on my desk and turned around with two movies.

"Which movie?

a) Pitch Perfect

b) the entire Paranormal Activity set

or c) a or b?" He smirked.

"Pitch Perfect!" I squealed.


He put it in and grabbed some food and layed down next to me on my bed. I snuggled into his warm body and pressed play. About half way through the movie my eye lids felt heavy and I fell asleep on Harry's chest. The next morning I woke up the next day to my mom walking in to grab the dirty laundry out of my bathroom, as she left she shot me a wink and I rolled my eyes at her and snuggled back into Harrys neck.



There is only one more part to Time, I hope... anyways thanks for reading. ~Victoria

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