Love... When it was least expected

A girl named Lila and her friends, Emma and Lea, decide that they want to sign up for the school car wash. The fact is that only the seniors can get their cars washed and then the girls that wash them are the freshman. The freshman are then bided on for a week to stay at the senior's house who bid the most on them and do what they say. Theres more but you have to find out.. what will happen next? Betrayal, back stabbing, and more


1. Lila

Ever wonder 'bout what he's doing

How it all turned to lies?

Sometimes I think that it's better

to never ask why...



"Come on guys! Get in the car we need to go! Don't want to be late on our first day of HIGH SCHOOL now do we?"  I said. "FINE!! I'll wear theese white shorts with a yellow floral tank top, and black converse. I'll straighten my hair." My best friend Lea said. "Those shorts show basically half your butt!" I respond, "Someone trying to get Louis to notice them much?" my other best friend Emma said, "Haha... maybe, maybe..." Lea responds, "Okay, YES!!! I want him to ask me out, okay..."   Louis is a senior and all the girls drool over him and his four best friends, Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. "I'm going to wear dark shorts, hot pink V-neck with a black lace tank underneath it, and hot pink vans.I'm going to leave my hair curly and straightne the ends so it doesn't friz," I said. "Amazing! I'm gonna wear dark skinny jeans, a cropped floral tank, and tan sperries. Im going to curl my hair." said Emma. We all change seeing as we all spent the night at my house last night we are riding to school, by riding i mean skate boarding we all love to ride and we are the only girls in the school that do but we don't care. We are also the girls that wear the least amount of make-up usually only eyeliner and mascara if that. We all finished getting ready. "Picture time!" My mom yells as running into the room. My mom is the col mom and acts more like my sister than my mom, but that's okay I love having someone to talk to when I'm having issues. She became the fun-mom when she divorced my abusive father, and he's now in jail. But back to this morning. WE all posed and took the photo, "Who are those girls? Cuz they are way too hot to be us?" I asked sarcastically. "Let's go! EVeryone grab their board!" I screamed. That's another thing my mom let's us be as loud as we want when shes in a good mood. We all have our own boards. Mine has an orange hawain flower on the bottom and is hot pink, Lea's is a red board with One Direction written down it, and Emma's is purple and has a green turtle on it. even though we have our own boards we have more than one and share them we never end up fighting over one but it happens occasionally and we flip a coin. The person who taught us to skate was my older brother and hews in college in America, I don't understand why so far me and my mom live in Homes Chapel, England and love it here. We grabbed our phones, money and put them in our purses, another thing we fight over but end up flipping a coin again, today we didn't have to dispute who got what board and what bag it was just what we wanted and we all wanted something different, so it all went smoothly. We gave my mom a hug and kiss on the cheek and we were off. We all know where we are going and ride together at a medium pace so we don't sweat and mess up our hair/ make up. As we are almost to school we see a group of guys ahead I call it out so we all se them and then i realize it's Louis' group as we approach them of course they block the whole sidewalk and didn't look like they were going to move, so we all hopped off our boards and walked around hem and hoped back on. But before we could leave we heard them speak, "Hey freshmeat," said Louis. "Hi boys," I respond and hop on we hop back onto our boards and carry on down the sidewalk. Before we knew it we were at school. "Let;s go girls, we got to show the boys what they can have!" said Emma sarcastically we all laugh. "Okay let's go," i say and we all walk into the school.


<<Author's Note>>

Hey1 I see you read my first chapter! I want to say thanks and that the boys aren't One Direction  yet they are just best friends at tis point.

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