Love... When it was least expected

A girl named Lila and her friends, Emma and Lea, decide that they want to sign up for the school car wash. The fact is that only the seniors can get their cars washed and then the girls that wash them are the freshman. The freshman are then bided on for a week to stay at the senior's house who bid the most on them and do what they say. Theres more but you have to find out.. what will happen next? Betrayal, back stabbing, and more


2. High School

Where there is desire

There is gonna be flame

Where there is a flame

Someones bound to get burned



The lads and I were walking to the final first day of school for high school. When we hear skateboard wheels on the pavement and we don't really care about it untill they stop and walk around us. We see they are girls , freshman girls to be exact and they are pretty hot aswell. "Hey Freshmeat" Louis calls out to them. "Hey Boys," one of the girls say. I think the girl that said that name is Lila, I don't remeber the last time i saw her was back in elementry school when she was a second grader and had beaces and glasses but now shes just whoa. She's gorgeous i never expected her to grow up and be so beautiful and I must mention that she's has a great bdy and is fit. She is just... wow. Maybe she'll be doing the car wash and freshman auction? Hmm... I might just bid on her if she makes it because she is worth it... I would spend all the money in the world to have her! "Harry Mate! you there?" I hear my friend Liam says. "Yeah, just those girls i think we know them from elementary school?" "Who? The ones that look incredibaly hot and rode past us?" My othe friend Niall said. "Yeah, them. Aren't they Lila, Lea, and Emma? The last time we saw them they would have been in like second grade." "OH YEAH!!! I remeber that Lila had glasses and braces on picture day and being the sixth graders we were we would look at the photo and laugh and make fun of it!" My other friend Zayn said. "Oh! remember them!" said Louis. "Yep they have grown up well." I said. "Very well..." Added Louis. "If i must state I really the girl Lea I think her name is? She was the one in white and yellow I believe"  "I like Lila." I said plainly. "We know!" Said Zayn. "You always would defend her and say she is cute in sixth grade!"   I did always do that because the boys could say the meanest things about her and i thought she was fine, but now she is REALLY fine.I wish I could have her, but she probably doesn't like me. Anyways we are here at school might as well enjoy it...



We walked to the cafeteria and got our schedule's in the cafeteria on our way walking out when we bumped into the same boys. "Sorry, love," the curly haired one said. "It's fine" I responded. As i walk away i feel his eyes burning into my back as I walk away, and I turn my head and make eye contact and wink. He was pretty cute, why not?









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