Sometimes we just want a friend.


19. Your Poem

As your growing up

You meet your first love

You know it will last forever


Sometimes it does, most of the time

No, it won't last

You have to work at it  and want it


A woman wants true love

Promises that won't be broken

Someone to share things with


A man that treats her with respect

That gives his all

That is not afraid of letting people know she is his


Someone that will be there

Through the bad times as well as the good

Someone that says I love you only


That really means it

Someone honest and kind

That will protect her at all costs


That will be open to her

Give her a kiss or hug

No matter who is around


That will not walk away

When things get rough

Just stay and work it out together


You give a woman your heart

She will give you her soul

If she truly loves you


She will not make demands

Or be jealous of everyone

She will be loving and kind


You don't have to make alot of money

To make a woman happy

Just stand by her be her man


A woman does not need a big house

She does not need a big ring

Or fancy clothes and big car


She just needs lots of kisses and hugs

Plenty of attention

Lots of good loving and you hold her hand


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