Sometimes we just want a friend.


2. The Truth

The truth is I'm lost

I can't find myself

I have looked

I just get turned around


I'm in a world of my own

No place to call my own

Have no friends

No family


No one to call my own

Love left a long time ago

Just walked out the door

Without a word


We loved for so long

Never once left my side

Was around even when I was sick

Always there for me


Always told me

I love you

And only you

I always will


Even if I'm not here

I'm always near

Thinking of you

I have your heart


As you have mine

No matter where we are

Far or near

I'm here for you


I won't leave you

I won't walk away

Your the one for me

My heart beat is yours


I will hold you in my embrace

See your face in my mirror

Have your soul

Your body entwined with mine


These memories are with me

Now and forever

Like the smile upon your face

I will never forget you


You will be with me

Each passing day

Every night of the year

Your my wish and dreams


I think only of you

Love only you

Your my Prince

My last breath you will be



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