Sometimes we just want a friend.


12. I Went Out

I went out last night

With not a thought on my mind

Did not know where I was going

Just wanted something to do


I walked to the beach

Watched the ships come in

Such a beautiful sight

With stars so bright


The moon was out

The cloud's was dark

I sat and dreamed

Thinking of what I could do


It was crisp but not cold

My mind could not think

I wanted a drink

I wanted to go somewhere


Just dance the whole night through

Sway to the music and sway my hips

I wanted to be free

Have the time of my life


But somehow it just

Did not seem like

It was the right

Thing to do


So I closed my eyes and dreamed

Of castles and Kings

Fairy dust and fairies

Angels all around


I went out

But did not have

Any fun at all

Just alone in the world


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