Sometimes we just want a friend.


15. I Found Someone

I found so much more
I found a friend in you
I never want to let you down
I never want to hurt you

Do not misunderstand
Talk to me and listen
I will defend you
To the end

I won't pressure
I will please
I will not tease

Your hand I will hold
I will help you to stand
You do not always answer me
I do understand

To the end I will be there for you
I do want one answer from you
But you will not give me the answer
But I understand

I know it's not because
You don't love me
Because I know you love me
The answer you do not give

But the answer I want o hear
That does not mean it won't change
I will get the answer
I want to hear

I know you love me that will not change
You just don't want to lead me on
You don't want me to misunderstand
Forgotten I will never be

Out of your mind I will never be
Thinking of me you always will be
I am disappointed in myself
That this time you can't give

Me the answer I want to hear

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