Sometimes we just want a friend.


8. Halloween

Halloween is coming
Better be ready
Lots of spooky things
To light your way

People acting stupid
Doing all kinds of bad things
Yet most are fun
Dress up and be anyone you want

Running door to door
Yelling trick or treat
You may get your trick
But where is the treat

You will see ghosts
And goblins
Blood will be there
And vampires too

I don't believe in halloween
It is the devil's work
But some people like it
So I wrote it for you

Just be careful
Look before you eat
Look behind you
Someone is "watching you"

Don't run away
Or show your "fear"
Just take something along
"Be aware"

Your name will be called
A whisper you will hear
Someone is coming for "you"

Hear that screaming
It could be you
Someone has you
Your head is coming "off"
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