Sometimes we just want a friend.


20. A Pillow

A pillow is soft

So warm and cuddly

Like a big teddy bear

It is good of corse to sleep on

But it is so much more


Good to hug until your baby gets home

You can play with it , have a pillow fight

If you are hurt or angry

You can punch it

It wont hit back


You can scream at it

It wont talk back

You can hug it

You dont have to hold your tears

No one will know


Use it for your feet or legs

Use it to sit on

Use it to read

You can lay on it

Talk to it


It will listen

There are so many things

You can do with a pillow

Try it you might like it

It helps to get rid of tension


A pillow

You can throw it high

You can kick it

So many things you can do

With a pillow



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