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All about keeping Friendships real and just a little bit of friendly advice!


1. Friendship.

Friendship's are meant to last forever, no matter what happens. Friends. A simple word but SO meaningful.

Having a friend who you can have a laugh, joke, be a little serious at times and have fun with is a must have in any friendship for boys or girls. Having a friend who is popular isn't always a good thing. Seeing as the popular ones who you 'thought' was your friend are most likely to be the first to spread rumours about you and bitch about you. No matter how MEGA CHEESEY  this next sentence is going to sound it is so true. You don't need a friend who is Popular and Pretty on the outside and not in, you need a friend who is like you and who you can relate to, no matter what they look like on the outside as I said its what's inside that counts. I mean I'm sure I wont be the first to say that I am in a pretty bitchy year. Seeing as it is a private school and we have only 28 people in our year (Our year is short we are mean to have 40 in a year by the way) Which makes it EXTRA bitchy. In my year at school I think at first I found it hard to adapt because lots of my friends had gone to a different senior school. However now I have found myself friends with a group of girls who I thought I would never be friends with, I'm not gonna lie. The best bit yet is they are all funny, kind ,nice etc.  

The next part of this blog is all about 'rumours'.

If you find that you have been becoming rather close to one of your friends in the group and then they suddenly make up lots of lies, rumours whatever you want to call it about you or any of your friends the best thing to do is give them the hint that you know. For instant this happened to me and my friends so all we did was be like 'OMG do you know where any of these rumours are coming from or who made it up?' After saying this one at a time look at his/her facial expressions if they seem in shock and a bit worried and they don't own up, confront them while you can. Me and my friends did it and it soon got sorted out. However never be friends with them until they apologise for what they have done wrong.

Here is a simple statement to remember:

You cant forgive unless you forgot no matter how hard it may seem.

Penultametly if you feel like someone is trying to drag your best friend away from them the best thing to do is just to tell them how you feel. Even if you are scared of their reaction here is another quote: 'Honestly is always the best Policy' If they are a true friend they will understand and apologise but what you have always got to remember is you need more than one friend. Don't just have that one friend who you are close to (your best friend) because although you may think your best friend is being dragged away from you some of the time it is purely because she/he wants to socialise with other people other than you. You will probably still be there best friend but sometimes it's nice for a change now and then.

Finally the worst thing to do in a serious friendship is to lie. Don't lie or brag. If you do you will find people will eventually get sick of you and start to ignore you, not everything is always about you. No matter how much you want the spotlight there is other people to focus on as well. Also never lie to get friends don't say you have this and that when you haven't because eventually they will find out and be a little bit angry if that is the right word to describe it? For example don't go around trying to impress boys/girls by saying 'Oh yeah I have and Indoor Swimming Pool, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Blackberry, En-suite, Walk in Wardrobe etc. When in fact you may have only 1 or 2 of these things maybe even none. Because honestly when you invite them round and they ask to see all this the results will not turn out very well. I mean one of my best friends has really cool stuff that I never even new she had and then when I went round her house and saw it all I was like what you have all this and I didn't know because she never brags about what she has got. That is the type of friend worth keeping trust me. I mean I have only got 4 friends that I can completely trust and only 3 go to my school one of them is e/millie you should check out her stories and poetry sometime, she is awesome she actually won #KeepingItReal (I know how bragging that sounds as I have just wrote a whole paragraph about how not to brag to keep friends but this is a serious exception)

I hope that you take on some of this advice and develop a proper friendship with your friends, although I am not an Agony Aunt and am not really planning on being one I will be happy to answer any of your questions if you comment below, thanks for reading this bye! :)


Taylor Younger.

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