The Love Ship Has Sailed (1SHOT41D contest)

This is for the One Direction Valentines Day competition please like!! :D meant to be one chapter long but I went a bit overboard with the length haha!


1. The Love Ship Has Sailed

" Oh an Jack said that after the ball he is going to take me - "
" Yeah... Mhm..... That's great". My friend Bella stood infront of me blocking my view. " Jess, you aren't listening!". I snapped out of my dream and looked back at her." I'm sorry I was daydreaming". Bella sighed an started walking again, there was a long silence before she said " Look Jess, a lot of people are single on valentines day you might fin someone to go to the ball with" she gave me a sympathetic hug before running up her drive to get ready for tonight.

I sighed before turning around and heading back home. I put in my one of my earphones and started listing to the voices of my favourite band. "Yeah, I've been watching you all night, there's something in your eyes - "
"Saying cmon cmon and dance with me baby". Not realising how loud I was singing I turned around to apologise when I did stood before me was none other than Niall Horan."Uhm I'm sorry I didn't realise how loud I was...". Niall smiled at me "Where are you headed??". I stood there, mouth open, speechless. " H- home... Uh I'm going home I live around the corner" before I knew it Niall walked around the corner before telling me to walk." I'm sorry for uh ruining the song back there" I said embarrassed.

"Its ok, your not a bad singer" he said before blushing and turning around. We talked until we reached my house. " Uh Jess, there's this ball an a cruise ship tonight and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?? I know it's sudden but-". " Yeah I'd love to go with you" I smiled before entering my house.

I grabbed my phone and dialled Bella's number." Bells I got a date.... It's a surprise I will see you at eight!" I hung up the phone before curling my red hair and putting on my green dress, I put on blue and green eyeshadow before putting on my heels and leaving the house. Outside waiting for me was Niall. " Hey, you look stunning" he smiled opening the door for me before given me a red rose. I smiled to myself while he got in the other side if the car.

When we reached the ship it was beautiful. Music was playing an twinkling fairy lights shone all over the ship with red heart decorations." Would you like to dance?" I smiled before taking his hand. We laughed at our silly dancing and spoke about everything. When the night was drawing to a close they played one last slow song. Niall and I slow danced along looking into each others eyes he leant down slowly and I stopped " Uh Niall, I haven't kissed anyone before" I whispered slightly embarrassed. " I understand we don't ha-" before he could say another word I reached up putting my hand on the back of his head and kissed him passionately. It was like I always imagined it, sparks flew and my stomach twisted when I let go he was smiling. After the ball we went out to the water and walked along the beach hand in hand watching the sun come up.
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