The mysterious one

Its my first story and i dont know where im going with it!also its a 1D fanfic!


3. Chapter 3

Me and Zayn kept talking for a little about random stuff. Earlier Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend! I was so excited. But, we haven't told Liam and he's the protective one. We decided to tell Liam tonight. We were gonna rent Nemo(his favorite movie) and order pizza. We decided to invite all the boys.


Later that night...........

We decided not to rent the movie cause he would be too distracted. When the pizza arrived we all dug in. Niall ate about 10 slices! Louis suggested that we play truth or dare. Of course... lol. 

" OK Zayn first", Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. "Truth or Dare?", he asked. " I dare you kiss Ava", he demanded. I blushed as soon as he said that. I glanced over at Liam, his face was red and he was glaring at Louis and then back at Zayn. Zayn just shrugged, as he walked my way. All the boys were now staring at us. Zayn sat down next to me on the couch. A first he just looked me in the eyes and gave me a little peck on the lips. It wasn't enough for a dating couple's first kiss together. So, I smashed my lips onto his. I know this sounds so cliche but i felt sparks. He eventually backed away. All of the boys were staring at us. I looked over at Liam and his face was red with anger. He was staring at me and Zayn speechless.


A/n hey peeps!! lol anyways what do u think of this story? Please like,comment,fan, and favorite! Also in this story all the boys are single (I love the girls in real life though!) So I need a girlfriend for Harry, Niall, and Louis. I am keeping Liam single for now and Zayn with Ava for now. Please tell me your:




What you look like:

Boy you want to date:

Anything else:

You can comment your answers, email me at, or kik me by madster_101,I will choose on Thursday!

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