The mysterious one

Its my first story and i dont know where im going with it!also its a 1D fanfic!


2. Chapter 2

A/N sorry I didn't update. I was considering taking this story down but, I finally decided not to. Now to the story!!!


I decided that I needed to tell Zayn how I felt soon, so I went downstairs to see where he is. As I was walking down the stairs, I heard Zayn singing Little Things. I smiled a little. When I got down there he was just sitting on the couch. He looked so innocent and  sweet. 

"Hey", i said a little too happy.

"Hey, I have to tell you something", Zayn replied. I started getting a little worried... I wonder what he has to tell me. His voice snapped me back to reality. "I really like you", he said looking me straight in the eyes. My mouth got wide, as I was super surprised. "I'm sorry, i knew you didn't feel the same way", he mumbled extremely disappointed. I just stood there speechless. I couldn't believe that he loved me back. He grabbed his coat swiftly and was about to go out the front door. I had to stop him.

"Zayn, I love you so much too!", I said quickly.

"Thanks so much, that would've been very embarrassing", he said relieved by my answer.

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