The mysterious one

Its my first story and i dont know where im going with it!also its a 1D fanfic!


1. Meet Me

      Hi, im Ava Rose but you can call me Ava. Im 19 years old and brothers with Liam Payne from One Direction. I get to hang out with him and his Band Mates. I love them all like brothers but Ive kinda got a thing for one of them. His name is Zayn and he is the quiet and mysterious one. But my problem is I dont think he likes me back. He is a Celebrity for gods sake. He can have any girl in the world. And im just one normal girl.I guess you could say that im kinda good looking. Ive got long brown hair that is either in a fishtail or down. I have green eyes that everyone comments on but I dont see why though. So basically im just an average teenage girl who is trying to get a boy to notice me.



A/N: Hey how do you like my story?I have no clue where its going. If you want to be a character comment your name relationship and anything else you want to include. I will choose and have an update by Monday if people like this story. Sorry for the short chapter:( Bye Loves <3

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