24 to Forever

Cassie and Lia are best friends. While going to get the latest book for One Direction Lia wins a contest to hang out with the boys for a day and spend a week in LA California. What happens when one of the boys fall in love with one of the friends? Whats the mystery behind the secret lovers in the group of friend? Who will fall and who will reveal they're secrets? Find out by reading (; Thanks!


5. The Hospital

Niall's P.O.V;

Me, Lou, Zayn, and Liam were sitting in the hall outside Cassie and Harrys' hospital room. The scene keeps playing in my mind over and over again. I remember being so close to Cassie, our noses brushing together, almost forming a kiss. I remember her slipping out of my arms and crashing on the wall smashing her head into the radio. I remember the fridge falling on my leg with shattered glass. I remember seeing Lia fly out of the window. Oh no, how am i supposed to tell her Lia didn't survive the crash? Will she even remember Lia? I don't want to hurt her. It's to much for her already. 

"Hey, mate you alright?" I heard Louis say, softly though. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to Lou. He was crying silently, tears flowing down his cheeks trying not to make a sound. "I'll make it. Are you alright?" i whispered back noticing a tear fall from my eye. Louis started crying harder "Harry! Don't do this!" he formed the words falling to the floor. "Harry! I need you! Come back!" he said louder banging the floor with all his strength that was left. Me, Liam, and Zayn went to Lou and comforted him trying to help him calm down. Even though inside we were all slowly dying of heartache.


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