24 to Forever

Cassie and Lia are best friends. While going to get the latest book for One Direction Lia wins a contest to hang out with the boys for a day and spend a week in LA California. What happens when one of the boys fall in love with one of the friends? Whats the mystery behind the secret lovers in the group of friend? Who will fall and who will reveal they're secrets? Find out by reading (; Thanks!


8. Shes awake.


Harry's P.O.V

"So what all happened? Where's Cassie and Niall? Oh, Liz....wheres she at?" i asked while Louis turned on the television. "Well, first of all, we got in a car crash with a semi. Second, they're in the other room. Liz uhm well she.." Liam replied trailing off "Liz didn't make it." Louis finished "Oh my god, i'm sorry. Lets change the subject, hows Cassie? Any idea when shes going to wake up?" "Well, yes and no. All her stats are fine. For example, her heart rate is fine, her blood presser is average, and shes responding to touch and recovery. We just don't know when she's going to wake up." "What about Niall? How's he?" "We're worried about him, so are the nurses. He hasn't slept in days and he won't leave Cassies side. He wont even get up to eat." Right after Louis finished his sentence Niall started shouting from the other room. 

"Doctor! Somethings wrong with Cassie! She's shaking!" he yelled running out of the room followed by the other boys. "Get out of the way! She's having a seizure! Move move MOVE! Get everyone out of here!" the doctor yelled through the halls, pushing people out of the way. "Niall come in here. Its ok." Liam said holding him. "Niall it'll be ok. She'll be alright." i said as he stood in Liams arms. "You promise?" he asked tears falling down his cheeks. "Yes, i promise. If i can survive a coma im pretty sure a strong girl like Cassie can." 


Zayn walked into the room smiling. "Harry, we need to get you out of this room." "Yea i know it's scary. Hows Cassie?" "She's awake. I asked the nurse if you could go see her. She said yes and that she might be able to get you out of the hospital tomorrow." "Sweet! Get me off these wires already!" I said while Zayn came over to help me up. 

I walked into Cassie's room seeing her smiling at Niall. I've had a crush on Cassie for awhile, i saw her on twitter a month ago. She's beautiful, but if i ruin this for Niall he'll hate me. "Hey Cassie. Remember me? Harry?" i asked her making sure she remembered. "Yes Harry, i remember you. I remember everything." she said, she was holding Nialls hand. At least i still have Lou

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