24 to Forever

Cassie and Lia are best friends. While going to get the latest book for One Direction Lia wins a contest to hang out with the boys for a day and spend a week in LA California. What happens when one of the boys fall in love with one of the friends? Whats the mystery behind the secret lovers in the group of friend? Who will fall and who will reveal they're secrets? Find out by reading (; Thanks!


2. Remember?


Niall got up and helped me up, and started to walk to the our friends crowd. I could tell Louis was getting a little tipsy. Or maybe he was just being more retarded than usual.  Me and Niall got next to our friends and he out his hands on my hips and so in reaction i put my arms on his neck.  Lia and Liam looked at us with shock. "Oooh, looks like we're gonna have some lovers tonight." Louis said making a heart above us. "Don't worry, hes just drunk." Niall said, and i wouldn't doubt that he was too. I wondered how old i had to be to drink pints? It looked like Niall and Louis were having a great time. But me, yeah i was i mean i was slow-dancing with Niall Horan. But i want to be myself, not this shy person. "Hey, Liam? How old do i have to be to get some pints?" i asked still dancing with Niall, getting closer as the song was closer to ending. "18 my fine fan. But be sure not to get too tipsy." I let out a small giggle then looked into Niall's eyes. His cheeks were a light red color, though he wasn't blushing. He looked me straight in the eyes. He started to brush my bangs out of my face. Then Liam broke the moment to bring me a pint.  "You two don't get to lovey dovey ok? We're having fun not making out." Liam said obviously joking. The song ended, it left me and Niall standing there. I took a drink of my pint and to my surprise it actually tasted ok. After i finished the 1 pint i started to get hyper. I wanted another. "Ok, now are you gonna get drunk on me?" Niall said to me, grabbing a Pepsi. I laughed and took a drink out of my second pint. "Well, I've never been drunk befor-" i said when Niall interupted me. "What!? You're 19 and you've never been drunk?" he said flailing his arms around once more.  "Niall, you're stupid in many ways," I said winking at him ", 1 I'm 18, 2 in America I'm not allowed to drink anything but pints and I've never gone out to a club or bar before." He stared at me with a really confused face. Again raising his eyebrows, how can one raise of an eyebrow make me want to kiss him more?  "Well than! You have to get drunk." He said drinking the last of his Pepsi. "Why would i ruin this moment with you and the boys and get drunk then not remember it the next day?" i said putting down my drink noticing i was getting very hyper. "Come on! It'll be fun! And trust me you'll remember it!"  "Ok, but if i dont remember its your fault!" i said poking him in the cheek.  He got up and started to roll his hips to the music. Up All Night was playing. Lia and the boys were jumping up and down while Louis was 'break dancing' on the floor. Niall pulled me up and yanked me to where they were dancing.  I started to get into the song and began to dance. My friend Kendall, back in Kansas was a great dancer and she taught me how to actually look good. You know, how to make guys mouths drop. So i started to sway my hips and Lia joined while the boys rolled from their chest to their feet.  I had on tight jean shorts and a fitting t-shirt from hollister. These were my favorite shorts EVER. They fit around my thighs perfectly, and made my bum look great. So since i was wearing those shorts and swaying my body in a attractive way, i looked pretty good.   My hair was up in a messy bun and i started to get a little hot. I let my hair down and shook it out. I flipped my hair and when i looked up i noticed Niall and Harry were staring at my bum. I looked at both of them and gave a little wink as i moved myself to the music.  Lia pulled me aside and started to chat with me. I noticed she was breathing really hard. "You're dancing really good." Lia said raising her eyebrows and taking a drink of her Pepsi. "Seriously? I wouldnt of thought i would be." i said. "Really? Did you not see like all the boys were starin' at your rump?" she said pointing at the boys. "Haha, no? Oh and you're dancing really good also. You're breathing hard also." i said giving her my hair tie i had from taking out my bun. "Here, put your hair up. It'll help you not get red or sweat more." i said "I've never seen you dance like that, are you drunk?" she asked, "Uhm well i became really hyper and i-i- yeah i think i am."i said "Wow, Come on." she said pulling up her hair and walking towards the boys. "Ok, hold on. Im gonna get a drink." i said reaching down opening up the fridge to get a pepsi. I felt a hand rub against my back. I jumped up and saw Niall leaning against the wall.  "I knew you could dance." he said winking at me and walking closer.  "I didn't." i said taking a step away from him. "Well, let's get back to dancin'. I wanna see those hips sway." he said grabbing on to my waist.  I grabbed his hands and turned around to walk him to the small circle the boys and Lia made. I saw Louis was in the middle doing his move 'stop the trafic, let them through'. I jumped into the middle and poked Louis as he moved out of the circle. 'I Want' was playing and so i grabbed Niall as the music blurted out 'I want, I want, I want-'.  I pulled him closer to me and started to move my hips and pointed at him. He moved along and stared straight into my eyes. I caught him a few times looking down at my lips and so i would lift his chin back up to get his glance into my eyes. The circle broke apart and it was just a mess of the boys jumping up and down while me and Lia moved our hips. Niall just kept staring into my eyes. I felt like a magnet, pulling him in closer as the songs got more intense. Niall took his gaze off of my eyes and started to stumble backwards. I knew exactly why, he got drunk. I picked him up and walked him back to the couch. "You ok?" i asked him as he layed down his head on a pillow next to him. I started to think of how many pints he drunk. I wonder if hes going to remember this? Is he going to remember me?  "Yeah, just drank to much." he said laying the pillow on my lap. "Told you." i said running my fingers through his hair. He was now laying his head on my lap looking up at me rubbing my leg. He started to get this sad face, and kept his eyes straight into mine. "Im sorry." he said putting his hand on my cheek.  "Sorry for what?" i asked still stroking his hair. "I- I- i probably wont remember." he said looking down at his feet. "Oh, can you try for me?" i said sharing his disappointed look. "Definitly. Here take a picture with me." he said grabbing his phone out of his pocket. I smiled into the camera as Niall did also. He took two pictures, the first one was normal, just us smiling. The second one, he was kissing my cheek. He put it as his screen saver and added a text 'Remember her, shes the one.' After he typed it in he looked at me and smiled. "Can i sleep on your lap? Maybe when i wake up that's how ill be sure to remember your beautiful face." he said smiling and staring up at me. "Sure, let me get comfortable first." i said as he lifted his head. I turned myself and let him lay his head down. We both fell asleep as the others danced all night.

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