24 to Forever

Cassie and Lia are best friends. While going to get the latest book for One Direction Lia wins a contest to hang out with the boys for a day and spend a week in LA California. What happens when one of the boys fall in love with one of the friends? Whats the mystery behind the secret lovers in the group of friend? Who will fall and who will reveal they're secrets? Find out by reading (; Thanks!


6. Awaken


Niall's P.O.V;

We tried hard to comfort Lou but it didn't work. Zayn decided to take him down to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. They left me and Liam alone together. "Look i know it's kind of obvious but what went on between you and Cede?" Liam asked putting his comforting arm around me. "Well, right when i saw her i felt, i don't know i felt weird. She was beautiful. She still is beautiful. She's funny, from all i remember she is everything. I don't know. I've never felt this way before." I said starting to tear up curl into Liam. "Sounds like my littler Nialler isn't little anymore. Mate, i think your in love with Cede. Ya know, love at first sight?" He said joking around trying to cheer me up. "Come on Nialler cheer up. You know i hate it when you cry." he continued, rubbing my back. "I'm fine. Do you think she will make it through the coma?" I asked wondering when she will wake up so i can tell her how i feel. I'll have to tell her about Lia too. "She seems like a strong girl. I can't promise but in my opinion i think she will. You're thinking about having to tell her about Lia aren't you." he said trying to hold back some tears. "Yes i am. Li, why are you crying?" I asked, now holding him. "Lia, I should have saved her. she was right next to me. Why didn't i grab her!" he said with guilt flowing through his veins. "Li, it's okay. It isn't your fault. God made it that way and he made it for a reason." i said trying to get him to stop crying. "Niall you don't get it! She was just like how you feel with Cede but now its all gone because i didn't do anything!" he said yelling through the silent halls. That was the first time he ever yelled at me. I sat back in shock at the anger Liam was in. "Niall, i'm i-i'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. I just got overwhelmed. I had to let it go." he said grabbing back into his arms. Just as he let go, Zayn and Louis came back from the cafeteria and sat down. "Everything alright you two?" Zayn asked looking super tired. "Yeah, just talking." Liam shot back quickly. I heard a sound coming from Cede's room. The curtains were opening revealing her face and body. Louis gasped seeing all the cuts and bruises all over her arms and legs. Massive cuts were spread on her face. She still looked beautiful like always. How could i only know her for one day and already have a massive crush? "Visitors for Cedellia Len?" the doctor came out and asked looking at us. Cedellia Len? That's her full name, matches her personality, rare. I stood followed by the other boys. "Come with me please." she said turning around heading over to Cede. "Is she alright?" Zayn said before i could spit out a word. "Well, mostly. She is in a coma as you can tell. We have pin pointed that she can't move, or interact but she can hear. So if any of you can sort of talk to her but you won't get a reply. The only thing i don't know is how long she will be unconscious. It could be a day or ever a year. It depends. Good luck guys. Stay strong." she said leaving the room with silent shuffles. Liam put his hand on my shoulder "Go on lad, you deserve the first word." he said whispering for some odd reason. I went and knelt down by Cedes side, grabbing her hand and running my fingers through her hair softly. "Cede, i'm not positive you can hear me,but if you can i hope you remember me. I hope you still remember all of us. I hope you remember the first time our eyes met each other. That might have been the best thing that has ever happened. Cede, i hope you remember all the dancing we did that night. All the laughs we shared and the smiles we kept. I hope you remember waking up to me resting on your lap. Ha, that was comfortable by the way. I hope you remember being so close to each other, your lips almost meeting mine." i said stopping knowing i need to tell her. "Cede, i don't want to hurt you but, i hope you remember Lia. I hope you will remember all the memories you had with her. I hope you remember that she was the reason i met you Please, remember Lia. Lia didn't make it love. She isn't with us and i am sorry for that. God took another angel in heaven. Just know that Lia is watching over you. We both love you. Wake up and heal. We all want you back smiling and laughing again like you did. I'll wait for you." i said hearing Liam start crying softly. I kissed Cede's forehead as i saw a tear come from her motionless body. Whipping it away, we all stayed there. Except Louis and Zayn who went into Harrys room to wait for him to wake also. We all stayed there throughout the night. I couldn't get any sleep, i didn't want to risk not being awake if Cede woke up. Sometimes throughout the hours i could hear Louis sobbing. He came into the room in desperate need of someone. He must have know i was still awake. Me and Lou talked for awhile and he went back to Harrys side not leaving it again. Again, the scene plays through my mind like it's on replay. Making me more anxious for Cede to awaken. 

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