24 to Forever

Cassie and Lia are best friends. While going to get the latest book for One Direction Lia wins a contest to hang out with the boys for a day and spend a week in LA California. What happens when one of the boys fall in love with one of the friends? Whats the mystery behind the secret lovers in the group of friend? Who will fall and who will reveal they're secrets? Find out by reading (; Thanks!


1. Winning


I was driving to target to get One Direction books for the summer with my friend,  in the passenger seat. I was thinking about how much it would cost and if it's already sold out yet. Then without me knowing why, Lia let out a loud scream. I slammed on my brakes thinking i was about to 'Rear-End' someone.  "Cassie! GO! SORRY!" she said pulling out her phone quickly and dialing a number. "What was that about? Like, why did you scream?" she didn't answer, she was already on the phone waiting for the other line to pick up.  "Hello?!" she said into the phone. I heard mumbling on the other end and them loud cheers. Lia's eyes started to grow wider. Finally she let out a loud {and i mean loud} "Oh, My, GOSH! Thank you!" i looked at her as she hung up the phone. Really confused of what just happened i asked "What? What's going on?" trying to pay attention to the road, even though no one would be driving at 12 in the morning.  "Uhm, Cassie we won!" she said flailing her arms around accidentally hitting her hand on the window. "Won what?" i said feeling a head ache coming from her loud screaming. "Did you not hear the radio?" she said with a sarcastic tone. "Well duh i didn't! Now what did we win?" "How did you not hear it! Were you not listening!" she said pointing at the radio.  "Will you quiet down and just tell me what we won?" i screamed back at her. "Well, sorry! I'm just really excited to meet our-" before she could finish her sentence i made a U-turn. Lia let out a small screech just as the car did, and finished her sentence "-our boys! You know One Direction?" i looked at her and we both screamed and talked about what was going to happen the whole way back to the house. When we got to our house we ran to our rooms. I, instead was smart and ran to the closet first to get luggage. Since we were going to spend one day with One Direction and a week in a LA hotel, i was going to use about 3 suitcases. It was mid-summer so i decided to bring along some pairs of swim-suits. I also packed a few tight dresses for the clubs. I was about to turn 19. Where are my parents you ask? They all went over seas as Marines. My mother and dad were home at Kansas. Me and Lia lived in New York, New York. I got done packing. 'Ok, shoes, check. Uhm, shorts, check. Tanks, check. Ok I'm good to go.' i thought to my self. I went over to Lia's room "You almost done?" I said peeking through the door. "Yeah, I'm just about to be done with my shoes and then all i have is my shorts." she said stuffing a few flats into a mint blue suitcase. "Ok, ill make pizza so we don't starve to death when were driving." The limo was supposed to arrive in a hour, so i decided to make one of the quicker pizzas'. "Lia! How many pieces?" i yelled across the house. "What kind is it?" she replied poking her head into the hallway. "Cheese, and its digorno." i said, "Kay, ill have 2" i grabbed her a plate and carried it to her room. I passed the door and right when i reached the hallway the door-bell rang. "Never mind! No pizza, i think they're here!" i said while Lia rushed out her door carrying a few suitcases behind her. "Right when i finish!" she yelled "Lia calm down! Remember they don't like crazy fans?" i whispered. "I've got it, can you go get my bags?" i asked waiting to see if it was actually the boys behind the door or just a stupid chauffeur I unlocked the door and slowly opened it. "Hi! We're One Direction!" the 5 boys said, though i could only see 4. "Hi! I'm Cassie!-" i said sort of yelling and raising the pitch in my voice just as they did. "- and Lia's getting my bags for me." i said with a slight smile looking behind me to see if she was coming.  Huh, wheres the other? There's Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, but where's Niall? Just as i thought i said "Well, i can see 4 of you but is Niall invisible." Louis let out a small laugh and i heard Liam giggle a bit but he remained just smiling. A head started to poke out of his shoulder "Hi!" Niall said as he walked in front of everyone to greet me. "Do you want us to help with your bags?" Liam said. "Uhm, sure, but i'll take this one." i said reaching for the suitcase i packed with my laptop and phone stuff in. Also my dresses and pumps were in there.  "Hi, what's your name? It's like Lia right?" Harry asked Lia who was walking out the door to put up a suitcase. "Oh, yeah it is. L-i-a." she said for some reason spelling it out. "Mines Harry, H-a-r-r-y." he said as Lia let out a small laugh. I wonder when they are going to stop introducing themselves? I mean obviously we already know them. With all the help we got our 6 suitcases (3 for each) in the limo in about 2 minutes. We were walking towards the limo and Harry went on the other side to go in. Lia followed him and Louis to the other side, i went in with Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Liam opened the door and let me go in first.  "Wow, i've never seen a limo like this before." i said joking around. On the inside there was large speakers and a radio. There was a CD rack next to it stacked with all kinds of music. On the other side were a few small fridges. And at the the way end there was like a bed thing? And where we were sitting there was a hanging chair from the roof.  "You guys want a drink?" Zayn asked politely "Sure, whatcha got?" Lia asked in reply. "Uhm, there's Coke, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, and some pints. Wait, how old are you guys? Are you even allowed to drink pints?" Liam said, "We're both 18, i'm about to turn 19." i answered. "Well then! You guys don't even look like you're 18! You look almost 22 to me." Louis said. I really liked how we were sitting. I was right in the middle with Louis and Niall sitting next to me. Lia was on the other side of Louis with Harry on the other side of her. Liam was sitting in the hanging chair in front of us.  "Thanks, and i'll have a Dr.Pepper please." I said replying to Louis and Zayn. "I'll have a Pepsi." Lia replied also. "Ok, Dr.Pepper for Cassie and Liam, Pepsi for Lia, Coke for Me and Harry, and pints for Louis and Niall." he handed the last drinks to Niall and Louis.  "You two aren't going to get drunk on us are you?" Lia asked in a sarcastic way, "Maybe, maybe not." Louis replied. "You never know if we will until we are." Niall finished off for Louis. Zayn went to go sit down by Niall, "You guys can pick out a CD, so we can you know, dance and have fun and stuff so we don't just sit here all bored." Harry said pointing towards the CD rack. "Ok, you guys don't mind if we listen to your album? I know it haven't came out yet but i see it on that desk." i asked as grabbed the CD from the desk showing it to them. "Oh, uhm yeah go ahead." Liam said back. Lia got out of her seat and started to walk towards me. I could tell on the inside she was freaking the freak out. I put in 'Up All Night' and 'What Makes You Beautiful' came on. Me and Lia started to dance and Zayn joined in. "Guys, come on!" I said pulling Louis and Niall to come dance with us. Lia did the same with Harry and Liam.  We were all dancing and singing along to the song. When ever the radio would sing out "-the way that you flip your hair get me overwhelmed" me and harry would flip our hair and Niall would react to me as if he did really get overwhelmed.  'Gotta Be You' started to play and Harry was mocking his own solo, lazily singing high. Me and Lia were singing along. Me singing Liam's part with him and Lia singing Zayn's with him. Niall went to go sit down and drink a few more pints. By the time 'One Thing' came on I went and sat down next to him.  "You sure you aren't gonna get drunk?" i asked, "Never said i wouldn't" he said sarcastically. "Well, then.". It started to get to the chorus in 'One thing'. I could tell Niall was getting a little drunk cause he kept pointing at me and singing '-you've got that one thing!' and raise his eyebrow.  'More Than This' was playing and me and Niall were just talking while the other danced. "This is a slow song right?" Niall asked me pointing at our friends dancing like retards. "Yeah, why?" i replied "You wanna dance?" he asked, in my surprise i said yes.   

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