Keep Queit

Molly is the average fourteen year old straight A student she has a little brother named Eric and she lives with her mom because her dad went to jail for assault nobody knows about her secret until Emma Jenkins the new girl comes to town and she and the other girls make Molly's life miserable.


5. Time To End It All

As I stood on the balcony looking down from my window I seen the little white picket fence around the garden I seen some of the rocks with sticky notes on them surronding my feet can hatred really lead to suicide to killing someone because you hate them there was absolutly nothing wrong with me I was not fat or ugly or a freak I was not crazy or dumb I was beautiful just the way I was. It was them Emma and Mat and Genny and everyone they did this to me they made me want to kill myself in order to get away from them in order to stop them from the names and rumors and abuse and hatred towards me when I did nothing wrong. I loved my mom and my dad was coming back and my little brother was my best friend maybe we could be a big happy family again but I can't deal with the pain and hurt that those people caused me I need to move away I need to run away or leave or just get out of here I can't deal with this hate its evil its cold its mean its them did Emma really hate me that much that she had to make my life miserble she had to destroy my life everything I loved she stole my friends she stole my smarts she stole my favorite teachers she stole my crush she stole my life she held the key to all of this all the pain all the regret all the hurt and for what purpose so I die so i'm gone is it really worth it to loose a human being to death because they liked the same boy you did because he liked her to because you hated me from the beginning what did I do wrong just tell me and i'll go if its really worth that much to Emma and to Mat and Genny then i'll go but this is the last time i'm holding back there is one string holding me from not jumping and that is my family they love me even if nobody els does and though Genny and Emma and Mat and all my old friends hate me i'm not leaving i'm not going anywhere because I deserve to live and I have 1 reason to stay i'm Molly even if people do hate me and i'm not giving up without a fight i'll stay strong until the war is won until they stop I am Molly and I will not change myself for anyone no matter how much they hurt me because I was put on this earth for a purpose and until I fufill that purpose i'm not going anywhere because i'm Molly. 

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