Keep Queit

Molly is the average fourteen year old straight A student she has a little brother named Eric and she lives with her mom because her dad went to jail for assault nobody knows about her secret until Emma Jenkins the new girl comes to town and she and the other girls make Molly's life miserable.


2. The Rumors Begin

So just like that me and Emma weren't friends anymore it turns out that Mat didn't even like me he asked out Emma there "Matma" who came up with that anyway and all my friends are hanging out with Emma now and if it wasn't for me Emma wouldn't even have any friends now I was the loser and the worst part was that called me names and made up some really bad rumors about me and it hurt.


"Hey freak" Genny my old friend said "Genny were suppose to be friends what happenend to forever freindship necklaces" I say with tears in my eyes "please freindship necklaces are for 2 year olds oh yeah I forgot your a baby go cry to your mommy you little baby boo hoo Gennys picking on me grow up" she says.


I walked into the school by myself my teachers all looked at me with disapointment what did I do now then I heard "Molly Renzahe come down to the office please Molly Renzahe" on the intercom.


When I got down to the office the counsiller wanted to see me and when I got into her office I seen Emma maybe Emma was sorry maybe she wanted to be friends again "Molly have a seat please" she said nicley "okay" I said taking a seat "Molly um Emma has brought to my attention that there are some rumors going around and they must stop obviously but um also is it true that your father is in jail for assault" she aks curiosly "yes it  is true but I am not a hor or a hoe I never slept with anyone and for the past 2 weeks Emma and the rest of the students in my class have been calling me names and it hurts alot" I say as tears run down my face "I understand completly when I was your age my mother went to rehab for drug abuse and everyone started making rumors about me and i'll admit some of them were true but it still hurt to know that everyone hated me" the counsiller said "but I need to know the truth I wont jugde you I will help you to get the help you need so did you sleep with Mat Tompson" she said "no ofcoarse not Emma made it up because she was jealous that Mat liked me and she wouldn't stand for it so she made up some dumb lies so he wouldn't like me anymore and that is the honest to god truth now please stop the rumors because it hurts deep down inside and I don't know how much more I can take it" I say trying to catch my breath "Molly please calm down there is no reason to get all upset and there is no reason to point fingers at people now just calm down you are over reacting and it is completly un-nesasary" the counsiller said with anger "i'm not over reacting you are you and your stupid desk and your stupid stapler and stupid Emma you what is wrong with you people its not okay to bully someone and Emma you are a bully I  hope your proud of yourself i'm leaving" I yell as I run out the door.
























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