Keep Queit

Molly is the average fourteen year old straight A student she has a little brother named Eric and she lives with her mom because her dad went to jail for assault nobody knows about her secret until Emma Jenkins the new girl comes to town and she and the other girls make Molly's life miserable.


1. Oh Molly

"Molly its breakfest time" I hear my mother say "coming" I replie it was my first day to start back up at school I was pretty excited I loved school I had tons of friends, all the teachers loved me and I was a straight A student.


When I got to school I  seen all of my friends I gave them each a hug I met my teacher for the year Mr. Wesco he seemed nice and I seen a new girl maybe we could be friends too.


At lunch all my friends were sitting with the new girl I decided to go sit with them and say hello "hi i'm Molly" I say nicley "Molly please get real that is such a lamb name i'm Emma Jenkins and if you get in my way i'll mess you up" she said "well thats rude" I say "oh Molly i'm just kidding its nice to meet you we should be BFF's" she said with a smile "sure why not you're actually really cool and great acting skills" I replie with a laugh.


After that me and Emma were great friends we hung out at lunch and recess we were partners for everything and we always had sleepovers it was really nice knowing that nobody hated me.


"Hey Emma do you want to come over this weekend" I say "sure" she replies.


At the sleepover Emma and me did the usual things painted our nails, gossiped, read magezines and talked about boys both me and Emma had a huge crush on Mat he was the quaterback football player and he was so cute "I think Mat likes you" I say to Emma "oh my gosh really" she says with a smile "yeah remember at the game last weekend he kept smiling at you and the way he gave you a hug after the game it was so real" I say  "he hugged you to for like 20 seconds" she says "yeah but we've been buddys since JK" I say assuring Emma "well we will see what happens I guess" Emma says with a laugh the rest of the sleeover was just school and gossip.


The next day instead of hanging out with Emma I hung out with Mat I did'nt mean to I had to help Mat with his math homework and I was the only tutor in the school I think she was mad.


After school I appologized to Emma by saying "Emma look i'm so sorry I would have hung out with you but Mat needed help with his homework and I was the only one that could help him please don't be mad I promise I will make it up to you" "Molly please we both know that Mat didn't atually need help the entire school knows he just wanted to spend time with you and the football team says he going to ask you out" Emma says "okay Emma i'm sorry I didn't know he liked me" I replie "yeah just like you don't know that were not friends anymore hoe"

















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