Keep Queit

Molly is the average fourteen year old straight A student she has a little brother named Eric and she lives with her mom because her dad went to jail for assault nobody knows about her secret until Emma Jenkins the new girl comes to town and she and the other girls make Molly's life miserable.


4. More Pain

After that inncident I was determened to get my life back Troy went to jail where I heard that my dad got a cell with him Emma and my classmates still bullied me but it wasn't as bad and they fired the counsiller for being to forcful with me so it was going ok and Mat found out that Emma lied about me and now were "Mally" which is a super cute name I felt alot better the rumor levels about me started to go down and I met some new friends who toke care of Emma and Genny for me and my dad gets out of jail in 3 monthes i'm glad after five years of him being in jail for a crime he didn't even commit it was a guy who wore gloves which matched up with my dads finger prints so there re-opening the case the real man guilty is actually Emma's uncle so life was going pretty good.


Until Emma started making more rumors about me saying that I was overly obesse and needed to loose 300 pounds to fit into a extra large pair of jeans and then all the skinny girls started adding to those rumors saying I was pregnant with Mats baby and thats why I was so fat which obviously wasn't true but I just ingnored it until Mat started telling me to loose a few and he hooked up with Genny or as they call it "Manny" what kind of a name is that I was happy for them though because Mat was happy but it still hurt and though I still ignored the rumors I was tired of it if they wanted a skinny Molly thats what I would give them a skinny Molly whether it hurt me to think that the people who used to be my best friends hated me and wanted me to loose weight and I'll admit i wasn't the skinniest I was average and healhy but I can't take it anymore they come to my house at night and throw rocks with sticky notes on them saying "to mrs. chubbs and loose a few more" at my window.


So I started to not eat for a week I didn't eat a thing just liquids and then they still didn't stop so I made myself puke twice a day everyday and I did that for 12 weeks and then I was extremly thin and my mom started  to become concerned so I got a counsiller I seen her every other day and then the kids started calling me a freak again and that the reason I went to counsilling was because I was mentally unstable and I could snap at any moment and kill someone so I had to take anger magangement with the counsiller. No matter what I did they wouldn't stop I did what they wanted I became thin and very unhealthy I tried to ignore them  I tryed to move schools but my mom wouldn't allow it I almost killed myself yet they won't stop they don't know how to live without bullying me maybe if I did take my life then they would stop harrassing me, throwing stones at my window, calling me names, physically and emotionally hurting me so maybe it was time to leave this world my first year of highschool I am only 14 I wanted to be prom queen but I can't move on from this no matter how hard I try they wont stop I have to die to make them happy as much as it hurts me its true.

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