Keep Queit

Molly is the average fourteen year old straight A student she has a little brother named Eric and she lives with her mom because her dad went to jail for assault nobody knows about her secret until Emma Jenkins the new girl comes to town and she and the other girls make Molly's life miserable.


3. It Hurts

When I got home my mom tried to talk to me but I wouldn't let her in my room I couldn't go to school anymore I was so stressed out I kept getting text messages from everyone saying that I was crazy and belonged in an instutution saying I was ugly and and big fat rat they also said I was a creep and a pervert and a hoe and a freak and a hor and I couldn't take I needed a way to get rid of all the pain I had deep down it felt like I was going to die I felt like I had no one everyone hated me even Mat turned on me I just couldn't take it anymore it was to much.


So I decided to experiment a little I took a knife from our cultlary drore from the kitchen and very softly started to nip the tip of my fingers with it and it didn't hurt that much so I moved down to the palm of my hand and started to draw lines with it it hurt a little bit more then I got down to my wrist and at first I couldn't do it but after I slowly started to cut my wrist it just felt like I was drenching all my pain out I looked around my room there was blood everywhere now I was crazy what had I done I started to get dizzie and then I collasped all I could see was black.


When I woke up I couldn't see or feel anything the only thing I could do was hear but it was silent I was scared I didn't know where I was? Who I was with? and I didn't know what happened it could have been a week since I woke up I could have gone into a coma I could have almost died What had I done was suicide really the answer I was terrifyed If anyone came I wouldn't be able to defend myself I was so over whelmed with everything I wanted my mom or my brother or someone I needed help I needed my family.


Then suddenly I heard a door creek open and then close I heard a mans voice laugh he said "I just gave her anostedict she can't feel a thing" and then another voice say "good but will she know what your doing" then his voice again say "sure she will she can hear and she can feel a little but she can't see or move a muscle and the best part is she can't scream" then they both laughed I was terrifyed I cold hear my heart pounding faster and faster I could hear myself beathing in and out trying to calm down it was okay I would be okay I just kept telling myself, I wanted to cry but I couldn't I had to stay strong no matter what happenend then I felt him touch my leg and then let go then he said "I can't do it" he says "why not" the other voice said "because shes my girlfriends kid I just can't" he said "fine man lets go before she wakes up and the anostedict wheres off" the other voice said then I heard the door creek open and then close again. I couldn't believe it that was my moms boyfriend Troy I had just been vialated I was so scared I didn't know how long I had been there or how I even got there I was just glad it was over. 

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