Kidnapped And Set Free(13+) (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

18 year old Kelly gets kidnapped by her least favorite boy band so called One Direction then three weeks later they let her go and Louis finds her shopping at a mall in England.... does she get kidnapped again?? or is she set free forever ??....Read And Find Out!!!!


7. Chapter 7

Kelly's POV



we walked back to the flat and louis saw me smiling at the floor

''whats so funny'' 

''ohh uhh....nothing really''

''yeah sure its nothing''

''plzz tell me whats so funny''

''okay fine you're just fun to hang out with and you're very cute though we've hung out this once'' i said but before he could get anything out of his mouth i said

''but we're going out later today and i really like you Louis and i hope you feel the same way'' he looked at me stunned at what i said ''I-I do feel the same way i like you too Kelly ever sense i saw you walk outside your house door i thought you were very very beautiful i like you'' he said 

i put my arms around his neck and he put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer then we leaned in.our lips finally touched we heard the door knob twist open and saw Harry. 

"hey i thought i heard you guys out here!!!"

''uhh yeah we just got here about 2 minuets ago so here's the bag of food we got'' Louis said giving him the bag of food then harry walked off and Louis took my hand and just smiled i smiled back and we walked to the dinning room and we all started eating in silence.




sorry for thae short chaptors and i may have some spelling errors and im sorry for that and since this my First Movellas the chapters may be short but i will try  to make the chapters longer






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