Kidnapped And Set Free(13+) (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

18 year old Kelly gets kidnapped by her least favorite boy band so called One Direction then three weeks later they let her go and Louis finds her shopping at a mall in England.... does she get kidnapped again?? or is she set free forever ??....Read And Find Out!!!!


6. Chapter 6

~Louis' POV~




''so do you want go out with me later tonight??'' i asked nerviously starting a conversation 

''err sure id love to why not... i mean its away from Zayn '' she said 

''okay then'' i said

we then got back to the flat i looked at  Kelly and she was smiling at the floor . she looked so beautiful when she smiles i just want to kiss her again. i mean she did kiss me when i was untying her. did she have the same feelings for me?

''whats so funny??'' i asked

''oh uhh...nothing really'' she said

''mhmm...i'm sure its nothing ''i said then added

''plzz tell me what is so funny'' 

'' ok fine you're just fun to hang out with and you're very cute even though we've only hung out this once'' she answered but before i could get something out of my mouth she said ''but were going out tonight and i really like you and hope that you feel the same way Lou''

i looked at her stunned at what she said and then said ''i-i do feel the same ever sense i saw you come out of your house i thought you looked very very beautiful Kelly...i like you''i said then she put her arms around my neck and i put my hands on her waist but before that i put the bag of food down and then we started kissing passionatily her lips were soft we kept in sync until Harry opened the door we both jumped and stopped kissing and i looked at harry madly and then picked up the bag of food and we all just stared at each other.

'' i thought i heard you guys out here!!'' harry said

''uhh yeah we got here 2 minuets ago so heres the bag of food we got '' isaid giving him the bag of food then he walked off i took Kelly's hand and smiled and we walked into the dinning room and started eating in silent 

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