Kidnapped And Set Free(13+) (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

18 year old Kelly gets kidnapped by her least favorite boy band so called One Direction then three weeks later they let her go and Louis finds her shopping at a mall in England.... does she get kidnapped again?? or is she set free forever ??....Read And Find Out!!!!


5. Chapter 5





i hung up and went back to Zayn.''uhh so i called my mum and told her that i was sleeping at a 'friends' house and she said its okay'' i said putting air quotes around the word 'friends'

''err okay so what do ya want to do babe'' Zayn said

uhh well 1st thing dont call me babe and 2nd i have no clue what to do so basically never ask me what i want to do........i-i'm not trying to be mean or anything so '' i said

'' okay so do you want to go get some food for us and the boys'' he said

'' sure i guess why not'' i said with my voice croaking 

'' ill tell em just stay here okay?'' he asked

''okay''i said

i waited i the room for about ten minuets then Louis came in...'' hey lou whats up??''

''nmm not much hey i'll be taking you to Nandos to get take outs i dont trust lets go'' he said

'' okey dokey '' i said

we walkedto nandos got take out and started walking home 

''so do you want to go out with me later today'' he said nerviously starting a conversation

''errr sure id love to why not... i mean its a way to get away from Zayn'' i said

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