Kidnapped And Set Free(13+) (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

18 year old Kelly gets kidnapped by her least favorite boy band so called One Direction then three weeks later they let her go and Louis finds her shopping at a mall in England.... does she get kidnapped again?? or is she set free forever ??....Read And Find Out!!!!


3. Chapter 3





''Yeah.....Please don't hurt him'' was all she said

''don't worry i won't just stay here'' i said in anger

i went  to Louis' room and slammed the door open

''Why did you untie that nasty bitchy slut''i yelled 

''because she doesn't deserve to be tied up'' he yelled back at me

''yes she did '' i yelled

''no she didn't...what did she do to you??'' he yelled back 

''I- I don't know'' i said softly

''exactly man so just leave her alone please'' he said 

''fine okay I-I will s-sorry'' i mumbled

~Kelly's POV~

    i over heard Zayn arguing with Louis saying ''why did you untie that bitchy slut'' he said

''because she doesn't deserve to be tied up'' Louis said in reply

sometimes Louis can be extremely protective...

''yes she did'' he yelled back

''no she didn't...what did she ever do to you??'' Louis yelled

and that was all i heard then Zayn opened the door madly and said

''move i'm tired..i want to go to sleep and you have to too ''

''can i call my mum i promise i wont tell her that you guys took me'' he looked at me madld

''fine'' was all he said

''i'll tell her that i'm sleeping over at a friends house for...'' before i finished my sentence he said ''3 weeks'' ''Okay thanks i guess'' i said 

i went to my I Phone and dialed y mum's number after 4 rings she answered (M=Mum K=Kelly)


K:hey mum is it okay if i sleepover at a friends house for three weeks??

M:err yeah sure why not

K: uhh thank luv u buh-bye



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