Kidnapped And Set Free(13+) (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

18 year old Kelly gets kidnapped by her least favorite boy band so called One Direction then three weeks later they let her go and Louis finds her shopping at a mall in England.... does she get kidnapped again?? or is she set free forever ??....Read And Find Out!!!!


1. Chapter 1





       ''Mum i'm going out for a little walk okay!!!!'' i yelled to mum ''Okay. be safe!!!!'' she yelled in reply. i walked out the door and saw a black van. I stared at it for a while and then walked off suddenly the van turned on and started following me and then i heard footsteps walking towards me. I stopped. someone grabbed my arm...... i turned around and saw Zayn i tried to let go but he was too strong "LET GO OF ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!" i demanded "no way babe your coming with me and the other lads" he said he then took me to the van i was sat next to Harry and Zayn. We got to the house and Zayn and Harry took me upstairs.I was tied up then someone came in ''GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!''i yelled looking down ''i will try when the other boys are gone okay ?? i heard a sweet british accent say i looked up to see Louis.   ~LOUIS' POV~

       We got in the van and drove off to someones house. then a beautiful girl came out and stared for a while.she then began to walk. we followed her slowly ''what are we doing lads??'' i asked "were abut to take her Lou'' Zayn said in reply ''why?'' i ask "because she is Beautiful" Harry said. Zayn got out of the car and she then stopped. Zayn grabbed her arm .She turned around and yelled "LET GO OF ME RIGHT NOW!!!!!'' he whispered something in her ear and the he put her in the van next to Harry and himself. we go to the house Zayn and Harry took her upstairs. When they left i decided to go in she was all tied up with her head down then she yelled "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" "i will try when the other lads are gone okay???" she then looked at me suprised... 




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