Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


3. Who is lina

While the boys where laughing diamond started to scream and cry and say leave me alone leave me alone please don't kill me. she was having a nightmare she started to cry and then she said : lina leave me alone . Who the hell was Lina i thought. I just woke her up i couldn't bare see her like that scared who ever was that women lina she should be someone who scared diamond . When she woke up she didn't remember anything even the dream , she just said good morning ! And kissed me on the cheek the boys resaid the "awwws" and liam told me "see" i didn't care if they teased she kissed me on my cheek and then i followed her to the kitchen and gave her a kiss on her cheek she didn't mind and i tried to kiss her on her lips she turned away and said that she was hungry , why did she back down does she think i'm a freak oh god i ruined my 1 % with her i really like her ..


He tried to kiss me i don't believe it ! Didhe like me back i wish i just lethim kiss me why did i back all these 3 weeks i was wishing for him to like me and know i think he does , i think i need to talk to him but before i need to eat i brought a bowl of cereal ready to eat when i saw niall starring at me with a mean stare. What .?? I asked
how dare u eat my food ?
Ur food ?
Yah mine
I don't see ur name on it ! I said
When louis and harry and liam came in telling me : ohh no you di222iintt in a joking way
Guys it aint no joke niall said
But i kept on eating
You know what ur punishment is he said
What ??
Ticklees he said running to me so i ran as fast as i can to zayn who was in his room's bathroom
zZZZAAAYyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnn i shouted
He came running to his room : what happened he said as i was trying to lock the room after me so that niall can't come in i tried to tell him what happened while i was laughing when i realized him that he was crying
Why are you crying i said as i put my hand on his cheek
He started to rub his eye with his arm as he said that but i didn't believe him , really what happened i asked as i heard niall saying u can't hide for ever and i also heard him leavingi think to the kitchen
Really know zayn u can trust me i wont tell anyone i promise then i realised that we were sitting on his couch and our faces were to close to each other I liked it but i really wanted to know why zayn was crying


As she put her hand on my face and leaned her head so close to mine i just felt myself that i was trying to kiss her again but this tme she didn't leane back but she just kissed me i felt so happy in those 6 seconds and then i just leaned my head backwords and i Told her : look diamond i know we only knew each other for some weeks but i think i love you
You love me ? She asked i love you to zayn since the moment i saw you the first day i was so inlike with you then you turned it to a love in these weeks also
She loves me i'm so happy i thought as she leaned over and kissed me on my lips and then i just put my hand on her neck and squeezed her closer to me then i remembered lina so i just got her of me and asked : who is lina ?
I saw her confused and asked me back : who is she ?
I told her about her nightmare that apparently she didn't remember and stared at the wallas she started to put her hand on her head and i saw the fear combined with her hurt in her eyes When she started to shout

----------flash back------------
You are nothing faloo nothing youare only my maid if not my slave an old lady said
But aunt lina please don't hit me please i promose i will never do it again a small girl said
Stop saying aunt i don't want anyone to know i'm ur aunt faloo
As the old woman left the room after hitting faloo
----------end of flash back----------

Diamond diamond " i came back to reality when the boys were all in zayn's room around me when i was on the floor
She is my aunt i said with a tremor in my voise lina she is my a..aunt she always use to hit me when i was smaller after my parents died she used me as a maid then the last time we were fighting i ran away and the police found me then i reran away when you hit me with your car i said as i realized i was crying and all the boys were around me hugging me for comfort after an hour i was with zayn again when he was just hugging me and saying i will never let you go diamond
Faloo" i said my name is faloo but just call me diamond faloo reminds me of my sadness i said as a tear came out of my eye's
He hugged me and said y are my little diamond i will never treat youlike that old lady i promise


I was happy she remembered her past but sad for her at the same time but all i could say was : will you be my girl friend diamond
She hugged me as tears of happiness where coming out of her eye "yes yes yes i would love to i love you zayn " she said i just gave her another kiss on the nose she smiled and told me : zayn you have to promise me never to give me back to lina please
I would never do such thing babe i told her as we went to sleep in my bed

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