Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


2. Simply forgot everything !!

Faloo was hit really badly zayn rushed from the car and saw the innocent girl on the floor blood was all over her face but with all that blood he recognized a beautiful face he called the ambulance and as the ambulance came after 20 minutes he followed them with his car to check on the girl he waited for more then 7 hours waiting to know what happened to the girl and finally a doctor came out of the surgery room he told zayn that the girl is damaged badly and she will need time to wake up .
When the doctor told me that the girl needs sometime to wake up,i got my phone and called the boys and told them what happened,they told me that they will be right here in 20 mins, while i was waiting in the unkown girls room waiting for something and suddenly machenes attached to her started to beep I ran out of the room to call a doctor just when i saw the boys in the hall way, doctors and nurses entered the room and took the girl to another room and after more then an hour the doctor entered the room where i and the boys where waiting for someone to tell us what will happen next and he told us thst the girl woke up but she doesn't remember anything .
The doctor told me that she has only 5 month to remember anything about her past but if she didn't she is most likely to stay like this (not knowing her past) for ever .
What was i supposed to do ? i went to the girls new room trying to ask her anything she didn't even know her own name ! I asked her where did she live, also she didn't know the answer
After two weeks the doctors said that she can go home , but she didn't know were was her house so i took her to my house actually mine and the guys house , we tried to ask her anything like how old is she , where did she live , were is her family . But she had no answer she also seemed scared of us
I was scared and confused i didn't know a thing who are these guys what did the want of me ? It was so confusing these questions they asked me i had no answers to them i felt hungry i asked the guy who said his name is zayn if there was anything to eat so he cooked me some noodles or most likely tried but they tasted bad and uneatable , so i just told him itwasn't good at all i didn't want to eat that junk it felt so gross i think he felt mad and embarrassed

Oh how beautiful did she look with her Beautiful brown eye's when she told me that she didn't like my noodle i was a little disappointed but it was so confusing to talk to her when she had no name so i decided to give her a name "Diamond" i told her if she liked and seemed like she did she was overjoyed with this name so i called the boys to come to the kitchen when they ran to us i told them that i changed her name just till she remembers it after we sat in the living room and sang a
Ittle bit she seemed like she like our song "i would" but everyone started to get tired so we went to sleep i show diamond her room and gave her one of my pj's and put her in her bed and then i went to my room and wore one of my pj's and before i could sit in my bed my bedroom's door knocked i shouted :" come in boys ! " i thought they wanted to talk about diamond they alwaysknow my "in love" face but a smooth voice shouted back : " it's diamond can i come in ? "
" yah sure come in " told her
She came in and told me that she was affraid
I was so joyed that she trusted me and plus the guist's room was kinda scary because of the window that showed a small forest which would be scary at night
So she came and slept in my bed like a kid and asked me to sing for her so i started to sing "little things" and i found her fast asleep so i stared at her gorgeous face it was so cute when she was asleep but then i fell asleep after her i wolk up in the morning and saw her between my hands still asleep so i just gave her a small kiss on her head but then i heard the boys say : AWwWw how cute ! I looked and saw them all around us . Louis teased about us being love bird and the boys started to laugh
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