Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


6. She found me

After we went to the showeverybody was tired so we went to sleep
Me and zayn slept in zayns room
After everyone was asleep the i heard someone knock on the door really hard and they were screaming andyelling i realized it was a womens voise,screamingand saying : were is that bitch i saw that slot on tv where is her just give her to me and i will leave you think if u change ur name i will not know you all the boys were awake now and iwas in tears i knew her i knew her voice i recognized her voice she waslina i didn't even want to call her aunt
All the boys were in the living room confused until i told them it was my aunt so zayn called the cops they are on the way said zayn

----after 20 minutes----
The cops came so i justed opened the door to see her getting arrested then
--bov-- i heard a sound and fell on the ground it hurt s so much i looked at my leg and it was shot she shot me i was going to die i felt the pain in my leg iheard zayn and the boys crying i heard everything then suddenly i started to block out slowely slowely but all the pain was never gun

-----After 2 days----
Diamond still wasn't awake the doctor said that she lost alot of blood and that she isn't in a good situation and if we didn't find her blood she might die
I was listening to the doctor and my eyes were filled with tears i didn't realize that i was crying even though i felt that i needed to cry i was so dissapointed that i couldn't do a thing until the doctor said that her blood type was A+
Wait a minute i told the doctor she needs blood and her blood type is A+ ? I asked the doc
Yes he said
My blood type is A+
the doctor rushed me so i can give her blood buthe also told me that diamond needed alot of blood and that one person can't donate this amount of blood we need another person to donate blood but for now we might have alot of time if ur gona donate some of your blood

I went to the guys and told them the news


Did he just say A+ i'm A+
Zayn zayn i'm A+ i will be more then lovely to donate i told zayn
And i saw zayns eyes and smile shining as i said these words
So he rushed me to the doctor where they took my blood to donate it to Diamond .

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