Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


4. Our first date

I woke up on niall louis harry and liam tryinng to wake us up louis , was asking me if we love birds are now really lovebirds i didn't answer him as diamond wolk up i kissed her on her lips and talled her :morning babe
She kissed me back and told me in my ear : i love you zayn
And the boys slipped out of the room giving us some privacy when i asked her out on a date she was so happy she went and took a bath but she had nothing to wear her because i through her old close they were filled with blood
So i asked louis if he had any of his sister's clothes because last timeshe came and had asleep over he went to his room and came with a cute flowery short dress and i gave it to diamond who was sitting with only a towel on and she seemed called so i gave her the dress


Zayn gave me a beautiful dress that was for louis sister so when i wanted to put it on zayn was still standing right there so i waited for him to leave but he didn't he just turned his back i didn't want to change beside him but it felt safe so i stood behind his closets open door were zayn wouldn't see me and when i was done i came to him hugged him and asked him were was our first date going to be but he didn't tell me he said its a surprise
So he put something on my eyes that didn't let me see were we are going and he took me to the car after about 40 minutes and he took me somewhere and the took the black cloth out of my eyes and we were in a big beautiful shopping center and he told me that i can pick anything i want but i felt sad i didn't want to buy anything from his money its his not mine


Her smile turned into a frown and she told me that she didn't want to buy anything not even cloth she said that its my money not her's and she didn't want to take any of it
So i told her that she needed clothes and that she can't stay in this dress forever so i held her bride style and then camera's started flashing i remembered that we were in public so i ran to the closest shop and started to pick some clothes for her and made her try them out and we picked some pretty nice clothes then we went and bought some shoes and undies she was a litle embarrassed in that part hahah then when we were done we went to a close café were we sat and talked and in a part when we were talking i couldn't resist her so i just gave her a kiss i wanted it to last for ever then camera's start to flash in our face but i didn't care i just wanted her
But she just backed of she didn't want the camera's to take some more pictures of us kissing
Then the press came and,started to take as many pictures of us as we were leaving holding hands when we went home the guys started to tease aboutthe kiss it was all over the tv's louis and harry started to kiss each other saying its me and diamond


I was so excited it was our first kiss in public and he didn't care about the boys making fun he really likes me and that was what made me so happy this is the best day ever for me since my parents died !!
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