Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


5. He announced our love to the world

The next day the boys were asked to go on tv for some questions but zayn knew they were going to ask them about me


We all knew that the tv wanted to ask about zayn and diamond and if they were a couple the tv asked as to bring dismond with us but we still didn't tell her because she didn't like so much attention but i think zayn is going to bring her and he will tell her at the las t minute hahah classic zayn


Diamond and zayn are really into each other right now our zayn's taken now hahah i will just stick to ma food now hahaha


Zayn and diamond are really cute they look amazing together all the world wants to know wh o was the girl zayn went shopping with and kissed


Our little zayn is growing up now he has a gf i will stick with my loouuuiss hahaha now we are in the car going on the way diamond still doesn't know whats the reall reason of her with us zayn told her that he wanted her to support him


We were there diamond was so excited for me she didn't know that she was going on tv with us until the gave her a microphone for her when she wanted to talk so she took it and wanted to give it to me thinking that they asked her to give it to me qnd when it was time for the show i held her hand and brought her with me
Hahaha she was so shocked when she saw all the crowed so she whispered to my ear : prepare to die when we go home and i giggled because here mic and everybody heard but serena (the show presenter) asked why did diamond just say that with a giggle but diamond was still shoked so i talked instead of her and told the world how she didn't know that she was coming
Everybody who was their laughed including the audience
So serena asked some questions about us
Then i told the world that me and diamond were a couple and that she was everything for me
And diamond smiled at that part and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheeks
And the boys serena and the audience went :awwwwww cutee
I knew that the boys were teasing us but i still didn't care
I was happy that she wasn't mad about me lying on her

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