Feels like cendirella

Faloo , a 19 year old girl who had a fight with her aunt who is taking care of her after her parents death packed her stuff and ran away not knowing were to go shehad no one just her aunt who didn't love her her aunt used her as a maid after wondering in the streats for more then 10 hours she gets hit by a car it was ZAYN driving the car .....


1. The run away

Faloo was wondering the streets , she had no one she didn't now what to do if she went back to her aunts house not only she will be her slave and be hitten like always but her aunt will kill her she didn't know how she had the guts to pack her cloth , her old laptop iphone ipod clothes shoes, and grabbed her money, her lifes savings and ran away (all these stuff are from her dad and mom before they died ) she sturted wondering from street to street as it got darker she was so scared thinking what will happen next
She thought her aunt will never find her , she heard her name someone called her it was the cops her aunt had called the cops to search for her she didn't know what to do she only realized that she started running the cop was behind her but she managed to loose him but shekept on running because she had nothing else to do
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