Accidental Love ( Harry Styles & Niall fanfic)

A boy meets a girl very strangely and ends up falling head over heals about her but does she feel the same way? you will have to read to find out


2. What? Who?


Can this really be happing to me? Niall Horan. Niall has been my neighbor since 2004 I moved to Ireland when I was 9 and Niall was my first friend I had here. He treated me like I was his sister ever since the day his mum and him came over to greet us to the neighborhood. He was 13 when I first met him, he was the big brother I never had. Lately he has been out of town with his new career with One Direction. I completely understand that he had to leave, but he came so unexpeted. I have always has a little crush on Niall but nothing to serious. I don't want to ruin our amazing friendship. Im in high school now and its been at least 6 years since his band started. I'm very proud of him for coming so far in life, specially because he had a tough life while growing up. 

I looked so deep in his eyes and the most surprising thing happened. He kissed me. Out of now were he kisses me. Was it a friendly kiss? Or a kiss to tell me he missed me and couldn't stand the thought of missing me? All these thoughts raced through my head as I stare at a gaze in his eyes. 

" I missed you so much, can I tell you something?" He asks me right after my gaze ended. 

" Of course " I replied just seconds afterwards. 

" well um, I fell in love this a girl" Niall said in his Irish accent. I was stunned he fell in love, but why did he just kiss me? He isn't making any sense at all. 

" What, with who, I will nock her out if she hurts you" I replied a little confused at what he just said moments before. 

" Love, its you, Im in love  with you " Niall said so shy and lovely. I kinda had this gut feeling he was going to say that and that kiss, that kiss was amazing. It gave me the butterflys every time I thought about it I felt like my "like" for him wasn't "like" at all, the hole time I was pretending  not to care at all, about him getting a girlfriend was really me wishing I was her. I was speechless when he told me. And of course I asked Niall

" Wait, Wait, Wait, so your saying that you like me? Me? How long has this love for me been happening ?"  I was kinda startled at him saying he loved me. ME. NIALL HORAN SAID HE LOVED ME. Out of the whole entire world he love me? Im not complaining but how on earth can he love me?

" Ever since we met I knew that you were going to be mine and I knew you were going to end up liking me just a little bit, I tried keeping this from you the whole time, I knew I loved you the moment I met you, that we were perfect for each other" Niall explained. Funny thing is I had always felt the same thing. I just don't know how to tell him.



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