Accidental Love ( Harry Styles & Niall fanfic)

A boy meets a girl very strangely and ends up falling head over heals about her but does she feel the same way? you will have to read to find out


1. Chapter 1

KATY'S POV:  I was in my room on instgram when I herd something almost like a firework outside.  I was really confused its not any time close to a time for fireworks. I go downstairs and see were my mom was cause she was supposed to be home from work already. 

" Mum?" I screamed downstairs. There was no response, I was starting to believe it wasnt fireworks. I was scared something happened to my mum. Although she wasnt all that nice I still cared about my mum. I walked downstairs and saw my mum wasnt there. I ran out the front door and saw my mum's car wasnt there. Did she get in a crash? Was that firework the sound of her in a bad neighborhood? All these thoughts ran through my head has I rumuge through my house to make sure she wasnt in the bathroom or anything and her car might be in the shop. She could of told me when she left for work today and I wasnt paying attention. I started to tear up when I was just outside my door. I fell to my knees. I squeezed my eyes shut and whailed silently. I felt a large hand on my back rubbing my back trying to make me feel better. I looked up, my eyes red from the crying. I couldnt see him through my blury eyes from crying. I stood up and lent into his shoulder and hugged whom ever it was. He smelt so good. His colone he had on made him more attractive even if I couldnt see him. I emagined him a boy with brown hair and sunglasses on, but when my eyes started to get clear again I looked at him and smiled. It was Niall.  


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