Love in Paris

Harry has a big valentines day surprise for his girlfriend...emma...what will it be? **1SHOT41D CONTEST**


1. Full of Surprises

Emmas POV

I felt my eyes flutter open, the light coming from the window telling me it was already morning. I took in the cool winter air, filling my lungs with it. When I turned around to look at the other side of the bed something was missing...I wasnt welcomed bu the usual mop of curly hair or sparkling green eyes. The absence of his presence made the room seem colder. But there was something in his usual spot, an envelope sealed with a single heart. I opened slowly, carefully, and it revealed an adorned letter. 

"Emma, Happy Valentines Day, I have a surprise for you, follow the path of roses and you'll find out.
Harry x."

I sighed and got out of bed, following the trail of sweet smelling rose petals. It took me to the closet and there was another envelope

"Wear something special. H x."

I changed and went down the trail, it took me to the kitchen table where there was a suitcase, a plane ticket, and another envelope.

"Dont open the suitcase or check the location just yet. Just trust me H x."

I took the plane ticket and the suitcase and headed out. A black van was waiting outside the driver opened the window and handed me another envelope. 

"Dont worry, theyll take you to the airport, H x"

I got in the van. The driver and I didnt exchange a word. I finally reached the airport, there was a man standing outside the building. "Miss Emma, right?" I nodded "ah! Ill be riding with you to your destination, if you would be kind enough to hand me your ticket and suitcase?" I gave him everyhing and we proceeded. We finally boarded the plane and as long as I reached the seat fell into a deep slumber. In what felt like five minutes I heard something "miss emma, were here" i opened my eyes and everyone was already leaving the plane. When i was coming down the stairs I looked up and saw Harry stading there, looking as handsome as ever. There were other people each holding a sign with a single letter 

I L O V E Y O U E M M A 

I smiled and ran towards him. He opened his strong, tanned, muscular arms for me. I hugged him and he lifted me up, spinning me around. I put my hands on either one of his cheeks, leaned in and kisses him slowly. "I love you," he whispered in my ear, my heart skipped a beat, it was the first time he ever said it. "Look where we are." I hestitated, his warm, deep voice giving me chills, how could I look away from that angelic face, and glowing emerald green eyes?
I looked around slowly and in the distance, I spoted it,
The eiffel tower "HARRY! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I kissed Him again, more passionately this time "thankyou" he knew it was my dream to come to paris. A pair of guards tool my luggage and led us outside Harry handed me a big black hoodie and a pair of sunglasses. I put them on and put he hood up, Harry did the same and we finally reached another van with charcoal black tinted windows. I pressed my nose to the window, like an eager child, Contemplating the buildings. I looked at Harry again "seriously, styles, i cant believe this." He smiled "well you better believe it, cause were here" I snuggled into his chest "Did I forget to mention: I love you too?" The car finally came to a halt and we were in front of a beautiful building. "Oh my God!" I squealed, i got down from the car, fast if I may say. It was already beggining to get dark when Harry picked me up bridal style and took me to the room. 

My breathing hitched. What if Harry wanted...something else for valentines? I wasnt ready....was I?

He opened the door and took me through the room until we got to the bedroom. He threw me on the enormous bed, a laugh escaped from my lips. He flopped on the bed right next to me and started tickling me. He seemed happy, His eyes fulI of joy. Suddenly, I, wsbted more, I rolled over so that I was on top of him, my legs on either side of his waist. He looked at me with curious eyes. I tangled my hands in his hair and kissed him forcefully, making him moan. I took my hoodie of and threw my jeans to the floor. Harry looked at me, bewildered, but I didnt care. He looked surprised, he was enjoying it. I proceeded to take off his shirt, he smiled, encouraging me to continue. In a matter of seconds we were both in our undergarments,
I looked at his boxers, a smirk forming on my lips. I put my fingers on the elastic band and kissed him, ready to pull them off "Wait!" He said taking hold of my wrists "are you ready?" I nodded and whispered "I am"
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