I see through you.

Sophia Mikaelson died last year on Valentine's day. She was murdered. He went to jail and is still there now. He was her Valentine date. Her ripped out her heart. Literally. Ever since that day she's killed everyone that ever meant anything to him. Ripping out there hearts like he did to her.
Until she meets this one boy. A cousin of her killer. He's different. Somehow.

'Just another Boy-meets-girl, girl-kills-people story.'

❝ And I'd give up forever to touch you, 'Cause I know you'd feel me somehow❞


1. Chapter 1

364 days ago.


"Oh come on Sophia. Just dance with me." Kellin said to Sophia. It was late on Valentine's night. Sophia was at his house. 

"No, I don't like dancing." Sophia protested. 

"Fine, if we're not going to dance at least come with me somewhere?" Kellin asked. 

"As long as it's not your room fine." Sophia really didn't want to dance. And with that Kellin took Sophia's hand and led her to another room. Their was a table in the middle half covered in candles. The walls were covered in strange religion things. A couple of old paintings about Sacrificial meanings and things like that. Kellin turned to Sophia injected a weak sleeping draft into her. Sophia fell asleep just as suspected. Kellin knew he had to work quick. He picked Sophia up before placing her on the table in the middle of the candles. He took some leather straps and strapped her hands to the side of the table. He finished just as she woke up. She was weak and her vision was slightly blurred but she could see things.

"Kellin?" She asked weakly.

"Don't scream or try to resist. And you shouldn't go through so much pain." Kellin said to Sophia as he turned and got a sharp sacrificial knife out of a drawer. He then turned to Sophia ripping her shirt near her heart.

"Kellin, what's going on?" She was still weak and you can barely make out her words.

"Relax." He said calmly before checking the time. It was 11:30 p.m almost the end of Valentine's day. He placed the knife around where her heart is. Not cutting too deep but still cutting deep. Everything had to go perfectly. He then got an ancient herb off the side and rubbed it in the wound on her chest. The pain would be unbearable and Sophia wanted to scream but she couldn't. The sleeping draft had weakened her so she couldn't. He then got the knife and cut so deep down that he could see her bones. Sophia was almost dead now. He put his hand in her chest and ripped out her heart. She would have died before he'd done that from blood loss. The sacrifice was complete.


2 Hours Before Valentine's Day.

Nathaniel walked the streets. He was going to be alone on Valentine's day but he didn't care. Nathaniel was a distant cousin of Kellin. He'd never met him before he'd gone to jail. He honestly didn't believe what people told him about him. 

Nathaniel was opening the door to his apartment when he swore he saw someone. A teenager. She looked like the girl Kellin had supposedly killed. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. He told himself he'd imagined it. He was tired. He'd had a long journey here. He carried on walking. Up the stairs and towards his bed before falling onto it. He swore he heard a voice. A female voice calling his name "Nathaniel" It said. It was Sophia. He didn't know that. She'd come to kill him. Come to do what Kellin did to her. By tomorrow they'd blame it on heart failure. She stood at the end of his bed. Not speaking. Showing no signs to him that she was there anymore. Nathaniel rolled over before sitting up in bed. That's when he saw her. He knew he hadn't imagined it. He looked into her eyes. They were cold and filled with hate, although they had a bit of love in them. The smallest amount. Sophia panicked. He was looking into her eyes. She ran out of the room. This was the first time someone had seen her without her wanting them to. The first time they'd actually looked into her eyes. Something was different about him. What had made him see her? 

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