slowly but surely

When Madi and her 3 best friends go to their first 1D concert, Madi fnds herself falling for a certain blonde, irish cutie. they soon become great friends but Madi wants to be more than friends. Does Niall feel the same? If so, will he ever make a move or will someone else beat him to her?


1. The roar of the croward

   Screaming!Lots of screaming! That's all i heard coming out of anyone's mouth. But I guess that makes sense considering i'm at a One Direction concert. This was the first concert i have ever been too. And boy was it crazy. Girls crying and screaming, runnig around like someone got shot. But who can blame them? they are about to see their idols perform live in concert. In the same room as them. I was at the concert with my friends Sarah and I were still a little ify on being dedicated  to them. Alaina and Kelsi's life goal right now is to make us super obessed fans. Which i'm kind of looking forward to. Sarah on the other hand would rather be sitting in english class listening to Ms.Ally go on and on about how texting is the devil and is poisoning our writing abilities.

   As we were walking to our second row seats i got a glimpse of blonde hair. Niall! Out of all the boys i like Niall the best. So of course i kind of sucked in my breath in suprise and Sarah gave me a side ways glance. I shook my head telling her it was nothing. She just looked at me like i was crazy and continued to sit down."Omg!" Alaina scearmed. "What?" Kelsi and I asked at the same time. Sarah couldnt care less about what she was freaking out about. "I saw Harry putting his shirt on! Omg!Omg! He is so hot!" She shouted. Kelsi started jumping up down with her as she explained with great detail what his abs looked like. I have to admit, from the pictures I have seen of them, harry was pretty attrative.

  30 minutes later ever single seat in the arena was fille. Not a bad turn out.

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