Letters to Louis.

When Louis left Emma with nothing but memories, she thought the only way to let her feeling flood the paper, was by writing letters. Letters to Louis.


2. Shadows and voices.

Dear Louis,

This is my second letter to you, and I hate to repeat myself, but every day I miss you more. It's like having all the life sucked out of me, slowly and painfully. Yesterday, I went to the photographers to print out all the pictures we took together, and Zayn went out to buy some albums. He's a real babe. He always has been. He's taking it in slowly, but still has his breakdown moments, but we all do. Niall misses your jokes, he tells us everyday- and Harry? Oh, Harry. It's like he has a large hole in his chest which can't ever be filled up again. He cries himself to sleep every night. I know you'd hate to see us this way, you always wanted us to be cheerful, but we just can't be without you. Come back, Lou, because all we're hearing and seeing are your shadows and your voice trailing through the hallway, laughing, grinning. This is paranoid. We need you back.

Love you forever and ever,


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