Letters to Louis.

When Louis left Emma with nothing but memories, she thought the only way to let her feeling flood the paper, was by writing letters. Letters to Louis.


5. Fans.


We've been so focused on ourselves, we haven't realized what horror the fans are going through. The fact that many of them cry themselves to sleep now, that they took down their One Direction posters and placed them under their pillows, replaying your albums all day long. The rate of depression rose drastically. It's hard to believe that you're the cause to all this. Liam tweeted out the other day, telling everyone to stay strong, that there will be an open ceremony for everyone that wishes to join and celebrate your successful and wonderful life. But we all have to face the cold facts, that nothing will be the same again. It will never be the same again, and I don't care how many times I do repeat myself because I fucking love you so much and the fact that I can't hear your voice anymore terrorizes me every day. I want you back so much, that it's destroying me. I don't know if I can last any longer like this.



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