Letters to Louis.

When Louis left Emma with nothing but memories, she thought the only way to let her feeling flood the paper, was by writing letters. Letters to Louis.


1. Broken trust and broken hearts.

Dear Louis,

It's been a week now. A week since I haven't heard your angelic voice. A week since I haven't melted in your gorgeous eyes. A week since you haven't cupped my face if your warm, sweaty hands and told me to stay strong. I hope you're resting wherever you are right now. I love the fact that I can still hear your solos on CD, and I'm sure that you're thinking of me. You promised, remember? Your promised that you'd think of me wherever you went. The therapist told me to write out my feelings in the form of letters to you. I'm letting my emotions flood the paper. I miss you, Louis William Tomlinson. I miss our individual sense of humour, our cuddles and our tears at the end of romantic comedies. I guess I could say, you were my own little romantic comedy. That's right, 'were'. Now that you're gone, I'm torn. I've been sitting in my room for days now, staring blankly into the walls, letting the memories make my heart ache. No one ever made me feel like you did, Lou. I felt special, unstoppable. You're love made me feel incredible. My muscles are losing strength without you and your 'sort-your-life-out' lessons. I know you wouldn't want me to be in this kind of state, but even Harry said that sometimes you need to cry a bit, let your feelings leap out of you. This is the first letter, I hope you have a chance to read it. You've left me feeling like nothing. I'm empty without you. Harry has been sitting beside me, and after a few days of being glued to the mattress, we've got a chance to talk. Talk about you. Not that we haven't talked, me and Harry, we've even kissing a few times before you scooped me up and craddled me in your arms. He told me about all those amazing moments he shared with you, and we watched the wedding tape a few times too, crying into each other's shoulders. I'm a fool, completely lost without your lips massaging mine. I love you more than anything in the world, 'To infitinity and beyond' remember? We even got matching tattoos. I miss you.

Yours forever,


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