this is more to stayy away from me! hope you like it !!!!! <3


1. stayyy AWAY!! PLEASE!


i heard banging on the door so i got up and was about to call the police but i herd a girl scream LOUD and it wasent a fan scream it was a scared scream so i rushed to the door nd onped it "WHATS RONG?!?" she didnt reply but she pointed down the hall way and it ws a strange manwalking towards her i picked her up and slmmed the door and lokced it then i sat her on the bed i was just about to aske her name but that guy banged on the door "OPEN THE FUKING DOOR" i called the police and they came and got him but before he left he liped something to herhe said i'll be back he said ith a evil smirk i turend to her and said "its okay" she turend and looked at me her eyes where filled with tears and big beautiful nd crysatl blue almost like mine "whats your name?" i said "michelle" she said softly hr voice was so heart warming nd soft "nice name, im niall" i said as i held out my hand she hesitatted to shake it but she did the boys cme in all loud michelle jumped "its oky tese are my friends" then when they saw michelle it got quiet and they all stared at her "did we intrude something?" liam said then i looked at her nd she ws wearing nohing but a button down shirt that coverd her bum a bit "no shes just..." "it smells like pee in here !" zayn sid making a stank face "oh sorry h-he peed on me"  "WHO NIALL" harry said with concered face al their faces looked shocked at me "no no that.... guy" "WHAT GUY HE SHOULDENT TREAT A GIRL LIKE THIS!!!'" hrry siad "som one just tell me whats going on!" louis said sitting on the ouch all eyes pointed ant michelle " i dont know who he is but he raped me" i was justing me seat and i accedentily hit her ankle with my arm "OWWCH" she moaned "OMG i- im sorry w-what did i do?!" " he kneed me in the ankle be cuse i tried to get away we all said "ohhhhh!" like we felt her pain as she went on with the story zayn said "im so sorry michelle" "may i take a shower here?" " OH SURE " louis said with joy to michelle " let me just get some clothes from my hotel" " NO i mean let me get them" i said itting her back on the bed " room 102" she said as i wlked into her room it smelled nice i found her bag and i thought science she has a bad ankle ill get her a dress there was a peach colored dress that went above her knees and i got her some white flats that had a bow around the ankle when i got back to my hotel shewas still in her shower and i for got to get her underware!! i ran back to her hotel and she hd lots of lacepanties so i got the white ones cause they were sexy so  by the time i came back i closed my eyes a walked in nd sat her clothes on the toleit seat and before i could walked out i herd the curtains open and i guess she saw me and got starlted i heard  her a SCREAM then a  slip i said ARE YOU OKAY?!? my eyes were still closed " no" she moned i walked over there "my eyes are closed im coming to help you!" i handed her  towel then i picked her up i moved her clothes out the way and sat her on the toleit "you okay?"  "yes thank you" she said and i wlked out the bathroom i looked kindda wet "every thing okay in there" zayn said with smirk "she fell" "what kinda panties she had" harry asked we burst out laughing!! when the laughing died down i said "lace ones"i gave harry a high five then we were laughing agian but the lughing stoped when michelle walked out i hurriedover their to pick her up and sat her on the bed "OHH LA LA" louis sang " youve go good taste in clohes" she said "thanks" i said "he was i your hotel sniffing your panties" louis said my face turend red and the boys laughed  i hitlouis on arm "NO I DIDNT!" tht just made them laugh hardeer but i couldent help but stare at her... her hair was so red and wet it looked preety that way "lets take you to he docter missey" i said AND I Caried her to the car liam zayn harry and louis wanted to come of course i layed her down in the back of the van and i asked harry and zayn to keep an eye on her  and louis sat in the frount and liam sat in the back  i took her out the car and into the docters we sat i the wating room for an hourthen they finnay said michelle roman i woke her up and carried her to the office and zayn came along. the doctor did sme xrays that gur broke her ankle i felt anger fill me up but zayn calmed me down  little "well we will call your paren-- "NO" she said  as tears fell from her eyes "whats rong?" zayn said "my mom...... she passed away." more tears fell from her eyes" and your dad?" i said " i dont know my dad" and i wiped away her tears i felt so bd for her " how old are you" the doctor asked "19" she said "we will hve to put a cast on your ankle it will take 12 weeks to recover the doc went to get the cast he came bckwith a wite cast took em 15 min to put it on coreectly then we left

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