An Ode to My Child

A poem about a mother who lost her son.
This poem is dedicated to all the children we lost to cancer and their loving families, we salute your courage .you’ll always be in our hearts and you’re memory will stay forever. Your star won't go out.Entry for movellas second poetry competition


1. An ode to my child

No one is allowed to enter your room

Whoever got close, got the look of doom

Your photo is kept in a frame next to my bed

Featured like a tombstone near my head

So when I wake up I can see your smile

It help me calm down for a while

Your drawings are still on our fridge’s door

Your death has affected me to the core


I thought dying before your child was like an unspoken vow

But nothing is too far for death’s claw

I still remember the talk we had that afternoon

When I promised if you go, I’ll follow you soon

The weight of the promise is heavy on my shoulders

Sinking within me

We’re in two different worlds now, separated by borders

That we can’t see


They blame me for grieving for so long

And they encourage me to stay strong

But they know nothing about the pain I hide

The ball of rage that’s deep inside

They dare not ask

About what lies so deep

What I hide under the mask

Of feelings I keep


I remember how your tiny hands felt in mine

And how in your last days I wanted to freeze time

I knew what end was waiting for you ahead

I knew you weren’t going home from that hospital bed

I could see what awaited us at the end of the tunnel

As I pulled you closer in our last cuddle


I still see your twinkling blue eyes

Shining like stars

I still remember when I used to bake you pies

While you sat on the floor playing with your tiny cars

And I still keep the teddy bear you called blue

When it was okay to call friends after their hue

Now I can't sleep without it

It makes me forget the pain for a bit


There’s a piece of you tucked in my heart

For I believe we shall never be apart

One day we’ll be together again somewhere

Where the sky is blue and angels float In air

Where we could lie on a cloud away from the ground

Where we can be both, safe and sound


I still look for you wherever I go

But sometimes realization hits me like a blow

As the silence of your absence begins to grow

It’s quite at day but at night it glow

The hustle and bustle of day lighten the pain

But at night it’s not at all the same

For all the grief  is summoned again


My sweet little angel , where are you?

Playing hide and seek as you always used to do?

My sweet little angel , i'm waiting for you to come

I miss you dearly, come back to your mom!



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